2nd Grade News

May 3 - 7

We want to say THANK YOU!!!!!

The 2nd grade teachers have felt so much love this week. Our families and PTA has been spoiling us for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you so much for making us feel so special!!!
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Don't forget to order your yearbook!



From the first time they crack it open, to decades later, when they read their friends' hand-written messages for the hundredth time, there's nothing in the world quite like a yearbook. Order by Wednesday, March 31, 2021 for $30.00. Yearbooks will be $35 after this date.

This Week's learning Objectives

Social Studies: The students will describe how science and technology have affected communication, transportation, and recreation.

The students will explain how science and technology have affected the ways in which people meet basic needs.

Reading:Students will analyze an author’s ideas across all genres by examining texts closely to understand perspective and ideas/themes, etc..

Writing: The student is expected to use genre characteristics and craft to compose literary texts, including personal narratives, persuasive texts, and letter writing.

Spelling Words: unsafe unlock unhappy unpack reheat reuse reread dislike disagree distrust

High-Frequency Words: built correct inside island language oh person street system warm


The students will find the the area of a rectangle.

MISD Academic Calendar Update

MISD Updates 2020–2021 Academic Calendar with Designated At-Home Learning Days for Spring Semester

In December the Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced a new waiver option for school districts that allows for the scheduling of periodic asynchronous (at-home) instructional days during the spring of 2021. Asynchronous learning is a general term used to describe education or lessons that do not occur in the same place or at the same time. For example, students would learn from home and receive classroom assignments from learning platforms such as SeeSaw and Canvas, and complete the assignment independently.

Under this new option, districts are provided with an opportunity to change a regular school day to be asynchronous instruction (students learn remotely and independently) in order to provide additional planned professional development, teacher preparation days, and to focus on teacher planning and student engagement.

The waiver option came at a critical time during the COVID-19 pandemic, when most school districts and teachers can benefit significantly from additional planning and collaboration, due to the demands of teaching in-person and virtual students simultaneously. The following dates have been designated as asynchronous instruction days in McKinney ISD, and all students will learn remotely and independently on these days. There will not be a required time to log in on the asynchronous days, and assignments will be posted on SeeSaw and Canvas.

February 1, 2021
February 16, 2021
March 15, 2021
April 12, 2021

Club 360 Holiday Care will be available to elementary parents in need of childcare, however, due to staffing limitations students may not complete asynchronous assignments while in Holiday Care. Campuses will be providing additional information to parents regarding instruction on asynchronous/at-home learning days.

Click here to download the updated 2020-21 calendar.

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Students for Online Learning

Valley Creek Elementary is fortunate to have virtual classroom offerings for our Preschool Speech Program students through 5th grade. Not only do our VC virtual teachers serve our Cougars, they may also serve other virtual students from other MISD schools that meet the criterial below:

Our virtual classrooms are for students that meet the following criteria:

1. Parents have selected their child to be a virtual learner for Quarter 1, 2, 3, and/or 4

2. A student tests positive for Covid and is required to quarantine

3. A student is required to be in quarantine as determined by Nurse Brandi

If you know, or believe, your child meets the criteria above, please send an email to your teacher, Mrs. Richards (mrichards@mckinneyisd.net) and Nurse Brandi (brdavis@mckinneyisd.net). If your child does need to be quarantined, Mrs. Richards will contact parents as to the next steps for transitioning your child to a virtual classroom. Teachers are unable to move students to virtual learning until Mrs. Richards and Nurse Brandi have completed their procedures in the office.

Therefore, if your child is traveling, or not feeling well, and will be kept home from school, they will not accessing a Zoom link with their grade level virtual teacher(s). Students will be counted absent and provided with their make-up work upon their return to school. Also, be sure to send in their doctor's note or parent note within three days of their return to school.

Thank you for understanding as our teachers continue to work tirelessly to serve our Cougars.

Megan Richards

Zoom meeting with students from Berezhany, Ukraine

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How to Create a Library List at Home

Click here for the video instructions. Read through the following slides for more information.

Valley Creek Digital Resources Below

2nd Grade Specials' Schedule

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Fun Math Fact Games-below is a link to Greg Tang Math for fun math fact practice.


We enjoy recess just as much as our students. We try to go outside every minute we are allowed. Sometime weather keeps us inside. Here is a letter that will explain the guidelines we follow for when and how long we can go to recess.

Educational Resources-below is a link to all resources with their username and passwords.

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We love our volunteers! If you would like to volunteer this year, you must fill out a volunteer back- ground check. Use the following link to get yours filled out today! https://www.mckinneyisd.net/human-resources/employment/volunteer/

2020- 2021 McKinney ISD Calendar

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