2nd Grade News

September 20 -25

This Week in Second Grade

Writing: The students analyze the structure and elements of a personal narrative to help me write my own personal narrative, using the writing process.

The students will use tools such as graphic organizers, various writing

The students will apply feedback about my writing to make my ideas more clear and detailed.

Spelling Words: Long a

Rules 4: a, e, o, and u usually make its sharp sound at the end of a syllable.

Rule 18: We often use ay to make the long sound of a.

Rule 26: Capitalize proper nouns.


April play blame stay cake mail chain paint break great

High-Frequency Words: he like little no of saw this to we with

Reading: The students will identify and locate the elements of fiction and nonfiction texts.

Math: The students generate a number that is greater than or less than a given whole number up to 100.

The students will use place value to compare and order whole numbers up to 100 using a comparative language, numbers and symbols (< > =)

The students will Locate the position of a given whole number on an open number line.

The Students will name the whole number that corresponds to a specific point on a number line.

Math fact practice:

Imagine Math: Your child MUST pass addition before moving to subtraction.

We monitor their progress in Imagine Math. This is how you can access their account at home:

Search "McKinney SSO." When you get to the log in page, enter your child's username . This will be their MISD identification number beginning with an "s" for student. This is a 6 digit number. The password will be your child's 8 digit birthdate. MM/DD/YYYY. Every child needs to memorize these numbers. It will be used throughout the year. It is not an easy task for a teacher to sign every student in and still have time for the students to spend on the site

Here are fun and free game for your child to study their math facts. Greg Tang Math Games.

"Math Limbo" is a good place to start. Kakooma is challenging and fun.

Social Studies: The students will name public officials and compare roles government officials into city, state, and national.

College Week September 20 - 24

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A Playground Visitor

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2nd Grade Daily Schedule

Here is our daily schedule. The first full week, we will be establishing routines and getting to know each other.

7:57-8:15 Announcements & Morning Meeting

8:15-8:50 Writing

8:50-9:10 Phonics

9:10-9:20 Handwriting

9:20-10:15 Reading

10:15-10:50 Math

10:50-11:40 Specials

11:40-12:30 Math

12:30-1:00 Recess

1:00-1:30 Lunch

1:30- 2:30 Science & Social Studies

2:30-3:00 Intervention and Enrichment

3:00-3:07 Pack-up and Dismissal

2nd Grade Specials' Schedule

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Welcome to Specials

From the Library

Hello Families,

This year, I am starting a new program to promote reading in a variety of different genres. This is totally optional. If your student would like to participate, he/she will record a video summary in the library SeeSaw course after each book. Once students reach the required number of books in each category, they will earn their tag.

The categories are:

Science (5) - can be non-fiction, picture books or chapter books or a mix of all three Biography (5)
Graphic Novels (5)
Everybody Fiction (5) - picture books

Sports (5) - can be non-fiction, picture books or chapter books or a mix of all three Nonfiction (5)
Fiction (5) - Chapter books
Animals (5) - can be non-fiction, picture books or chapter books or a mix of all three Cougar Reader - This tag is awarded after a student receives tags in all other categories!

Mrs. Lowry

From Nurse Brandi


Drinking Water is part of a Healthy Lifestyle! Water is essential for good health. Here are just a few reasons why it is important to drink water every day: Over 60 percent of your body weight is made up of water. Your body needs water to function at its highest level and avoid dehydration. Every system in your body depends on it. From carrying nutrients to your cells to flushing toxins from your body, water helps the entire body function smoothly. Run low on fluids and you’ll feel the consequences: fatigue, dry skin, digestive problems and high blood pressure. Water gives you energy. Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration. Sipping on water helps energize muscles. This is especially important when you are exercising, being active or playing sports to ensure you can perform your best. Run faster and be stronger by drinking water!

Water improves students’ school performance. It helps you have a clear mind, more focus, and better memory. Water boosts your mood. Mild dehydration is enough to impair thinking and make you feel cranky. Rehydrating throughout the day will keep your mind clear and motivated!

Drinking water is the key to beauty. Drinking enough water will make your skin glow and your hair radiant! Drinking water can help with weight management. Substituting water instead of sugary drinks reduces your caloric intake and

risk of obesity and diabetes.

2021- 2022 McKinney ISD Calendar

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We enjoy recess just as much as our students. We try to go outside every minute we are allowed. Sometime weather keeps us inside. Here is a letter that will explain the guidelines we follow for when and how long we can go to recess.


We love our volunteers! If you would like to volunteer this year, you must fill out a volunteer back- ground check. Use the following link to get yours filled out today! Even if you volunteered last year, everyone must complete this application every year. https://www.mckinneyisd.net/human-resources/employment/volunteer/

Valley Creek Digital Resources Below

Fun Math Fact Games-below is a link to Greg Tang Math for fun math fact practice.

Educational Resources-below is a link to all resources with their username and passwords.