2nd Grade News


SSO over the Summer

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2nd Grade would like to thank all the families and our PTA for making us feel so loved. From the amazing lunches to the daily treats, this week was AMAZING! We are so lucky to have each and everyone of you in our school.

Last Day of School Schedule for 2nd Grade

Last Day of School Schedule

8:15-9:00- Meeting at the Creek

9:00-9:30- First Recess

9:30-11:15- Time in the classroom and snack

11:15-11:45- Second Recess

11:45-12:30- Time in the classroom

12:30-1:30- Lunch

1:30-3:00- Time in the classroom

SORA - McKinney ISD Digital Library

Steps to find books to read at home on a computer.

1. Go to Valley Creek Elementary's web site

2. Choose "Learning Commons."

3. Choose "SORA."

4. Your child will need to sign on just like they do for SSO

User name is an "s" with your child's 6-digit ID number: s123456

Password will be their 8-digit birthdate: 01/01/2023


If you are already on this newsletter, scroll to the bottom where it says Valley Creek Digital Resources and click on the title. Towards the bottom, you will find a link to Sora.

Happy Reading!

Why should you read with your child every day?

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What are we learning this week?


I can recognize and describe the characteristics of realistic fiction.

I can analyze texts for characteristics of realistic fiction.

I can determine the author's purpose for using specific genre features.

I can describe the internal and external character traits of characters.

I can recognize and describe plot elements in a story.

I can determine the author's purpose for using specific elements of story structure.


Learning Objective:


Job 4 of silent e: every syllable must have a vowel. (scribble table buckle mumble)

Spelling Rule 11: Words ending with a silent e, drop the e when adding an ending starting with a vowel. (taping)

Spelling Rule 9: a one syllable word with one vowel and one consonant at the end of the word, double the final consonant before adding an ending starting with a vowel. (swimming)

scribble, stranded, table, staple, taping, obey, playful, swimming, shady, buckle, thunder, mumble


The student can explain that the length of a bar in a bar graph or the number of pictures in a pictograph represents the number of data points for a given category.

The student can organize a collection of data with up to four categories using pictographs and bar graphs with intervals of one or more.

The student can draw conclusions and make predictions from information in a graph.

The student can write and solve one-step word problems involving addition or subtraction using data represented within pictographs and bar graphs with intervals of one.

Social Studies:

Language Objective

  • Students will explain what they how they would save, spend, and earn money.

Guiding Questions

  • How does work help people buy goods and services?

  • Why is working important?

  • What would happen if people didn’t work to earn an income?

  • What are goods and services?

  • Why do people need income to buy goods and services?

  • What is the free enterprise system?

  • How do people have choice in the United States with their money?

  • What choices can people make about spending, saving, and earning money?

Testing Window Reading MAP and mClass / Math MAP

Mclass - April 10-21

MAP - May 8 and 9

2nd Grade Daily Schedule

Here is our daily schedule. The first full week, we will be establishing routines and getting to know each other.

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2nd Grade Specials' Schedule

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Birthday Invitations

Students may hand out birthday invitations as long as they hand them out to every student or every boy or every girl in the class. We are not allowed to provide personal student information and the teacher can determine what time of day or how these are handed out as to not disrupt the learning day.

2nd Grade School Supply List

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2022- 2023 McKinney ISD Calendar

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We enjoy recess just as much as our students. We try to go outside every minute we are allowed. Sometime weather keeps us inside. Here is a letter that will explain the guidelines we follow for when and how long we can go to recess.


We love our volunteers! If you would like to volunteer this year, you must fill out a volunteer back- ground check. Use the following link to get yours filled out today! Even if you volunteered last year, everyone must complete this application every year. https://www.mckinneyisd.net/human-resources/employment/volunteer/

Fun Math Fact Games-below is a link to Greg Tang Math for fun math fact practice.