Gamucci releases range of E-Liquids

Top e-Cig Pioneer Adds New Range of Liquid Nicotine Flavours

Gamucci, a global marketer of rechargeable and disposable electronic cigarettes and cartomizer refills with a presence in over 27 countries and a distribution facilities located in the UK, USA and others, has released a new line of flavoured E-Liquids for electronic cigarette smokers. These liquids are part of their Ultra-Premium E-Liquid collection and include unique and custom blend flavours such as:

· Blueberry. A mix of sweet and sour tart, boasting a fruity blast of flavour. If you like something a bit different from the normal taste in smoking, this should be your go-to flavour choice.

· Mango. The king of fruit offers a sweet and complex flavour blend. Popular with women smokers, the mango is a great way to let your mind escape to distant tropical shores.

· Black Cherry. A unique e-liquid that builds in flavour over time as you inhale and finishes with a calm and sweet cherry aftertaste; a very desirable flavour to try.

· Watermelon. A tart and slightly sweet flavour that can take you back to fond memories of your fun-filled summers spent outdoors with friends and family.

· Lemon. Sharp and zesty with a cool after taste, this mildly sour flavour can quickly refresh your mind and body. Wake up your senses with the tartness of this flavour.

· Cappuccino. Offering an unmistakable flavour of Italian coffee with a creamy and iconic cappuccino aftertaste for those of you who are missing that morning coffee fix.

· Menthol. The well-known minty flavour with the ice cold aftertaste; a very popular flavour.

· Original. The classic Gamucci flavour of a full and balanced tobacco taste for those who choose to be a bit less adventurous, or who are just starting in using electronic cigarettes.

· Gold Tobacco. A signature Gamucci mix offering a creamy and smoky tobacco flavour sensation for those who don’t want to stray too far from the traditional taste.

· Rich Tobacco. When you want a bold and full flavour tobacco taste; this one is great for those who demand a strong vapour with deep and long puffs.

Many consumers are viewing electronic cigarettes as more desirable alternatives to traditional tobacco cigarettes for both health reasons and to save on annual costs, while still being able to receive their much needed nicotine fix as little or as often as they would like. A large number of businesses around the world allow or simply do not regulate the use of e-cigs indoors but have strict bans on tobacco cigarettes and its exhaled smoke due to second-hand safety issues. One of the openly stated benefits of electronic cigarettes under various studies that conclude both pros and cons, are that the exhaled vapour from the electronic units are harmless to any bystanders. This includes children and pets that may be present in those public spaces. Casinos, hospitality companies and some public eateries have weighed the traits on electronic smoking devices and have chosen to allow them into their facilities. As more studies are done, and more of the public is made aware of the product, electronic cigarettes may be more openly accepted in a variety of public places.

About the Company

Gamucci was established by two brothers, Umer and Taz Sheikh, in 2007 in the United Kingdom as a pioneer in the world of electronic cigarettes. By focusing on the gap in the e-cig market and searching for an alternative to tobacco cigarettes which had been banned in various locations, the Gamucci group quickly expanded into India in 2008 through the marketing of their innovative and well-designed products. In 2010 and 2011, they opened operations in China and the United States respectively, and today have a presence in no less than 27 countries worldwide as well as maintaining a wholly owned manufacturing facility in China. While China tops the list for most manufactured items, the UK and USA are proving to be the two areas with the highest demand in electronic smoking devices. Customers can obtain authentic Gamucci products through an assortment of authorised markets online, as well as through global retail distribution from the Gamucci website itself.

For the past 8 years, electronic cigarette research and development has been heavily invested in by Gamucci in an effort to bring the most innovative products to you, the public. All of the products Gamucci offers are made with the highest industry standards in mind, and meet all laws and consumer regulations in the markets they are offered within. As most electronic cigarette smokers know, Gamucci is the name of the leaders in the e-cig industry, as well as the name of those who have pioneered the creation and distribution of the devices and their related products since 2007. With the addition of Ultra-Premium E-Liquid nicotine for their line of electronic cigarettes, smokers can have a well-rounded Gamucci collection for use at home and work. For consumers who demand state of the art and highly sophisticated electronic smoking devices, Gamucci is the name to stand behind.

Gamucci’s main headquarters are in London UK, and they employ more than 400 staff members worldwide; most of those being in China at the manufacturing facility. Due to the continued demand for electronic cigarettes, Gamucci is planning on doubling its staff numbers in the near future. The manufacturing facility in China makes Gamucci the only electronic cigarette company to create its own products in its own manufacturing plant without having to outsource or hire other manufacturing companies for this. For consumers, this means your products will be made to meet very high and strict standards with a steady supply chain as more items are needed within the smoking industry of the world. The Gamucci brand of electronic cigarettes and related products has been embraced by gaming casinos and the hospitality industry, with convenience stores and larger retailers following suit.

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