Levenworth Brad. Times

By: Khendra Leslie

Chad Vukas

Chad Vukas is a police officer.Khendra Leslie interviewed Mr.Vukas with these questions :Why did you choose the career How long did you go to school?Please prioritize the following in order of importance: Career, Family, Friends. Why did you choose this order?

This is how he answer:

  1. I chose this career because of my mom and step dad. They were both volunteer firefighters for many years as I was growing up and my parents eventually started working for the University of Kansas Fire and Rescue academy as instructors for the academy. When I was 22 years old I decided to volunteer as a firefighter and I realized I really enjoyed being a firefighter so I went through the KU Fire and Rescue academy and then when I finished I went to Emergency Medical Technician school. After I finished all of my basic schooling to be a firefighter I started applying for different fire departments and I was hired on at Fort Riley Fire Department at the age of 24.

  2. Yes, when we get a call for a child. I'm always worried about adults and their safety, but when we get toned out for a child it's hard not to think about my own babies. To me and all of the other firefighters, children always hold a special place in our hearts because of our own. We treat all children like they are our own and always hope for a fast and full recovery.

  3. Well the academy I went to was 3 months and EMT school was 2 months. But as a firefighter your schooling and training never stops. We go to specialized schools and train through our entire career as a firefighter. We have a certain amount of training hours we have to meet so we train every day to stay current on fire tactics. Also as a firefighter there are a lot of certifications we have to have. To get those certifications we have to go to a specialized school for firefighters. Those schools can be as short as 1 week and as long as 3-4 weeks depending on what certification we are going to school to obtain. As Emergency Medical Technicians we have to recertify every two years to keep our license and that requires 24 hours of continuing education every two years for the Kansas Certification and 48 hours every two years for the National certification. I hold both Kansas and National license so I have to maintain both of those.

  4. Family is number one, then my career, third would be my friends. I chose this order because I love my family and my wife and kids more than anything and I would never put anything before my family's needs. Without my career I would not be able to support my wife and kids and to give them the things that they need, so that is why I chose my career before my friends. My friends are very important to me and I always try to make time for them and help my friends as much as I can.

Tamara Noell

Tamara Noell is a military mom; who works a the prision.Khendra Leslie interviewed Mrs.Noell with these questions: Is hard working at the prison?,Are you glad that you are keeping people safe?,Why did you join the army?tThis is here she answered:

1)Yes it is hard working at the prison. It is hard because you have to remember to keep your personal feelings and emotions out of the equation. My job there is to oversee and provide quality food service all while maintaining custody and control of the inmates. It is an unpredictable environment and all you can pray for entering each day is that when the day ends all personnel are and remain safe.

2)I am glad we are maintaining custody of individuals who have done some negative things that may have caused harm or hurt to others. I by no means judge anyone, but I do realized there are consequences for certain actions and our job is to guard the inmates while they are there facing those consequences.

3)To be honest, I was at a job fair not really even thinking about the Army, or any military service. I was asked to just take the time to learn more so I did. I will admit I was not planning on staying in for long when I joined. However, after the first three years , during the time in which Sept 11 happened and I deployed to Iraq, my feelings changed. I realized this career choice was about protecting our country and that made me more proud than anything I could imagine (besides being a mom)!

Michaela Culkin

I interveiwed Michaela Culkin with these questions:Do you have methods of keeping the kids safe on the street? If yes,then what is the method?;Is it hard to keep the younger children in the crosswalks?;If you could,What other career would you choose? .

1)Michaela Culkin ideas are apperantly working.Her idea was to put out many adult to montior the children when crossing the street.

2)She also says that the younger children are not harder to keep in the cross walks.

3)If she could choose another job she would choose the job of a police officer so she could help people cross the roads safely .