Events leading to revolution

Will, Derek, Leo

Russian wars

Russia had a succession of wars between the Crimean, russo-Turkish, Russo-Japanese, and world war 1. Russia lost every one of these wars except for Russo-Turkish. All of these lost wars caused suffering in the country's economy and government.

The October revolution

The October revolution also called the Bolshevik revolution overturned the interim provisional government and established the Soviet Union. It was a much more deliberate event, orchestrated by a small group of people.


There were many protests and strikes leading up to the Russian revolution. Many people campaigned to stop the conflict, while other people that had more control supported it.

Tsars mistakes

Tsars took personal command of the army, which lead to him being blamed for the defeats. He then left the tsara in charge. By then the government was already in chaos

Weakness of Russia

Russia had many weaknesses such as humiliation by japan, beginning to industrialize, and there was an opposition to the government form.