By: Amanda Reeves

Pond life of a beaver

Ecologists call beavers "ecosystem engineers" because they are great at building dams. Beaver created ponds have a higher biodiversity for plants and animals that need slow moving water to live. There are many animals that benefit from beavers such as fish, turtles, frogs, toads, ducks, geese, and aquatic plants.

What happened to Beavers?

The Hudson Bay Company shipped nearly 3 million beaver pelts between 1853 and 1877. Beavers main threat is getting hunted for their pelts. There used to be lots of land and ponds that belonged to beavers until they were hunted and taken away. People settled on their land to build homes and took away the beavers ponds.

What problems do beavers cause?

The two main problems beavers cause to humans is tree cutting and flooding. If you ever have a beaver pest problem there are two things you can do. You can contact the DEEP, meaning Wildlife Division. You can also contact a volunteer beaver trapper. The best way to get rid of a beaver is to hunt them in the morning.