Universal Design for Learning- UDL

how to help every student learn

Multiple means of representation

options for perception

options for language

options for comprehension

Multiple means for Action and expression

physical action

expression and communication

executive functions

Multiple means for engagement

recruiting interest

sustaining effort and persistence


developing comprehension


Tell the students the purpose of reading the selected passage

- to learn strategies that will help in understanding and connecting the passage

Model strategy for students

Read selected passage aloud to the class and model thinking aloud while reading

After finishing the think aloud model, go back over passage and the strategies you used for think aloud. Highlight critical features and cues that prompted specific strategies. Have students document strategies for future reference so they can refer to for future readings.

Independent/group work

Have students read a passage and do their own think aloud. Students can use any electronic device available to read the passage.


Have students share their passages and their think alouds and discuss what prompts or cues they used.