Professional Communications

by: Arianna, Jaxon, Alex, and Garrison

What is professional communications?

Professional communications is something that people, especially ones in the business industry, learn to do so they can share important information with co-workers. Components of professional communication include speaking through out all your presentations, and your way of visual communication. Be careful what you include in your presentation because this is what they will base their decision on.

Important Vocabulary

Sender- the person providing the information

Receiver- someone who is given the information provided

Nonverbal Communication- what the speaker says without using words

Verbal Communication- what the speaker says by using his words

Ethos,Pathos, Logos- ethics, emotions, logic

Elements of Professional Communication

Visual Aids- Presentations, graphs, charts, and tables, handouts

Audience Feedback- the response you get back from the audience to improve upon our presentation

Others- intrigue the audience, use animations and transitions, insert pictures, use educated language, and interact with the receivers