Rankin Elementary

Weekly Bulletin #26

The Week in Review

A little warmer weather and I am ready for it!! This week marks our Kindergarten Round-up. If you have students with kindergarten siblings please let us know and we will make a call to encourage then to register their child. We can also send home registration papers if they are unable to come in and register.

Tuesday: St. Patrick's Luncheon; Steering Committee @ 4:15; Evening Kindergarten Registration

Wednesday: Late/Early Start; Tornado Drill #2

Custodial Changes

KT has moved from 2nd shift to 1st shift beginning today. We have a new trainee, Tina, that will be working 2nd shift. She spent a few days here last week training. Feel free to let her know if you have specific requests or she is missing something that you would like her to know. You can also touch base with KT during first shift and she will pass the information on to her.

They will be stripping/waxing the hallways during Spring Break which will result in the building not being open for three days during the Break. I will update you on the dates as we get closer to Spring Break.

DRA Assessments

DRA scores are due on report cards. Please keep this time frame in mind as you plan to assess students. All students are assessed this quarter in both their instructional and independent levels.


Please be aware that we must complete ALL ordering by April 1st. This practice is in place so that everything is wrapped up prior to the end of the fiscal year, June 30th. Please make the office aware if you have a purchase that will need to be made prior to the end of the year.