Works Progress Administration ~1937

By: Tessa, Pablo, and Carlos

Who did the program intend to help?

All of the unemployed men and women throughout the United States.

What did program help do?

Improve roads, Highways, and Bridges. This program also created more jobs in construction.

Relief? Recovery? Reform?

This program was part of the Relief portion of Roosevelt's New Deal. It lowered unemployment, and created a better society after the Great Depression.

Was it successful during the Economic Crisis?

Yes. We believe it was successful because it created more jobs during the creation of the buildings, and while the buildings were in use they also provided jobs. Over 125,10 public buildings were created.

How does this program add to our understanding off the Great Depression?

It was a good example of how much of an impact it had on stocks and economy, and how much they had to rebuild afterwards to regain their economic strength.

Does this program still exist today?

No, it does not still exist today. We think it should still be around today to help out the unemployed population of the United States.
WPA (Works Progress Administration) - 1937

Video highlights

  • WPA brought immediate improvement to local businesses.
  • The WPA road program could have stretched 5x around the Earth in the first 18 months.
  • Built many of the first modern airports of that time.