Virtual Resume

By: Tanvir

My Smart Goal: Academic

S-By the end of my academic career, I want to average at least a 80% in math class.

M- I plan on continuing math in grade 12 because the job that I want acquires and needs a lot of experience with math. For me to average a 80% or above I will have to check my old assignments and ask the teacher for a mark update. I would have to constantly do my homework in order for me to achieve this goal.

A- I would have to set a straight mind in finishing my homework everyday and study for a upcoming test. This would be my strength, I always finish my homework and study for a test. For my to finish my homework everyday and study for a test every time. I would be in great success of achieving my goal. Other aspects comply with achieving my goal and one of them I lack on poorly. My weakness is handing in work on time. I don't always hand in my work on time and this can play a huge role in me not achieving my goal. And in order for me to achieve my goal I would have to turn my weakness into my strength. I can do this by marking due dates on a calendar and marking reminders on my phone for a upcoming due assignment or so.

R- This goal is very much doable in a sense if I only follow simple task like finishing my work and strengthening my weakness. I can achieve this goal if I set my mind to it. For my future career in becoming what I want to become which is becoming an accountant I would have to really good at math. Because accounting is all about math and math is very crucial for this job. I have to stay focused and motivated in doing my work and not fool around and being lazy.

T- I plan on averaging about a 80% or above until I finish my high school career. I need to average this mark or above in all of my grades coming up in math. Smaller goals like not getting distracted from work easily and not fooling around will help my progress in achieving my smart goal.

My Smart Goal: Volunteering

S-By the end of grade 12, I want to finish my forty volunteer hours.

M-I am planning on picking up a sheet at the front office that will help me keep track of my 40 hours. Also, I will keep track in my journal. I will constantly add everything I do to volunteer in my my journal. So that I do not lose track of the forty hours that I have to complete.

A- There are many choices of volunteer work and I will choose one that would be in my best interest. The volunteer work that I will do is campaign for a local MP of Brampton or just help him out in his office. If I need help finding any other volunteer work I can ask my cousins that has already finished their forty hours. But for right now I will work with a local MP of Brampton. My weakness would be me fooling around and not going to volunteer. I would have to build my weakness to my strength by not being lazy and staying focused on my task.

R- I would like to pass high school and in order to do that I will have to complete a minimum of forty hours of volunteer work. I still have around two years remaining to complete this goal. That is more than enough time, so this goal is doable. This goal is very significant to my future career because in order for me to pass high school I would have to finish this forty volunteer hours.

T- I have planned on achieving this goal by the end of grade 12. This goal is achievable by me working at a volunteer place each day for at least two or three hours

Accounting Career Pathway Video




I drive to succeed to become an AP accountant in such a business like yours with my many skills and abilities that can be applied to the critical math knowledge needed for the job.



Louise Arbour secondary school Diploma

Brampton, Ontario

September 2014

Brock University

Bachelors in accounting

Region around Niagara Falls, Ontario

September 2018 - September 2022

Work Experience



  • Handed out food

  • Took orders

  • Did math calculations at the register

Brampton, Ontario

June 2018

Tim Horton’s


  • Took orders

  • Handed out food

Brampton, Ontario

June 2017

Volunteer Experience

Helped out an chartered accountant with his work

  • Helped an accountant with his work

  • Helped organizes taxes and receipts

Brampton, Ontario

June 2016 - Present


Helping out at the temple

  • Served food

  • Washed dishes

  • Helped clean up

Brampton, Ontario

January 2011 - January 2013

Awards and Skills

Bachelors in accounting

September 2018

Achieving an award at school

  • Participating in a running contest and coming out 2nd place

September 2012


  • Excel Experience

  • Analytical ability

  • Can handle cash, prepare bills and make payments

  • Ability to manage and organize information

  • Can handle cash, prepare bills and make payments

  • Creativity and innovation

  • Effective oral and written communication skills

  • Listening skills

  • Strong work ethic

  • Willingness to keep learning

  • Microsoft Word

  • Math Skills

  • Accounting Skills

  • Ability to problem solve

  • Computer skills (list specific programs if you have experience)

  • Decision making skills

  • Leadership and management

  • Participation in projects and tasks

  • Teamwork

  • Data analysis

Extracurricular Activities

Basketball team

  • Won a medal for winning second place

  • Accomplished being undefeated in our basketball division

December 2013 - March 2014

Soccer team

  • Finished first in the league with my team

June 2015 - Present



June 2017


Part 4

As an accountant there are many challenges that come into play and one major challenge affecting me is the tight deadlines. The deadlines are very strict and not negotiable at all. If you are late then you are late and you have to deal with the consequences that apply to being late. The tight deadlines make me rush things and because of rushing things I start to feel very stressed. No one likes to be stressed and in order to not deal with stress at my job I would have to overcome this problem. This is a huge problem because accountants have to work a lot of hours they have to work ’’at least 40 hours a week’’.(Career Cruising) Because of the tight deadlines, accountants have to work extra hours at there job. This is a difficult challenge to overcome and I have found some ways to overcome it. On major key way is to prepare myself before my deadlines. I have to get ready and finish all my work so it would not be at the last minute. I have to stay focused and organized so I won’t face this challenge at my job.

For my 2nd challenge that I face at my job is being able to stay organized. Organization is major success in this field of job. You have to deal with client demands and expectations and finish work on time. This is a huge challenge because is you don’t have organization you won’t be able to succeed in this career. Many things like taking care of clients and finishing work on time depend on your organization skills. You have to have a lot of organization and management skills in order to keep a client satisfied. If you fail at contributing these skills you would get fired and lose the job. In order to prevent failure at the job. I would have to overcome and make a plan that will help me fight this challenge. I would have to get organized and answer all of the clients questions and concerns at the right time and also finish my work on time by starting the work at early date.