Job interview process

Luke Thiessen

Before The interview

You should be prepared for the interview ahead of time. You should also look up the company's history and be familiar with the company.
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During the interview

You should greet the employer with a firm handshake and with a smile. You should arrive early and neatly dressed. Ask about question relating to the company.
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What you should/should not do at a job interview

5 common interview questions

1. What are your weaknesses? - Turn your weaknesses into strengths

2. Why should we hire you? - Be honest and give examples relating to the job

3. How did you hear about this job? - Be honest and give specific examples

4. What are your goals? - make your goals reasonable and relating to the job

5. Why did you leave your last job? - be honest and don't be negative!

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25 Most Common Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them

After the interview

After the interview you should say good bye and write a thank you email and
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Dress for the interview

Dress fancy as well but also you need to dress one step above the job you are applying for.

For men:

1. Appropriate colors

2. Matching clothes

3. remove body piercings and hide tattoos

For Women:

1. use perfume and makeup

2. no large Jewry use Jewry conservatively

3. nail polish be neutral color

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Interview Don'ts

1. Do not dress too casual

2. Do not ask about pay until the end of the interview

3. Do not be nervous

4. Do not be rude

5. Do not be late

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