16 Topics= 1 Topic

Judge and Evaluate

  • Focuses on the worth

  • Specifies the criteria

The best players on the New York Yankees are Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Brett Gardner, and Carlos Beltran.

Alex Rodriguez plays anywhere in the infield, and keeps a very high batting average. His on base percentage is sometimes low just because he's not the fastest runner.

CC Sabathia is a starting pitcher for NYY.

Brett Gardner is an outfielder. His batting average is .273.

Carlos Beltran is an outfielder also. His batting average is .275.

Inform and Explain

  • Author gives a main point and purpose

  • Present information in a surprising way. (news article)

Gives Rules, Instructions, and/or an Explanation

The rules of the game is very difficult to understand if you have never played before.

But their pretty simple after you play. In every game, you have 4 infielders, 3 outfielders, a pitcher, and a catcher. Depending on weather your team is home or away is when you bat and when you are in the field. Any ball hit outside of the baseline is considered a foul ball. The strike zone is anywhere over the plate ranging from the batters knee and their chest. Anything outside, inside, higher, or lower than that is a ball. The count is how many balls and strikes you have on the batter. As a batter, you want to get ahead of the count, which means you want more balls than strikes. As a pitcher, you want more strikes on the batter. If the batter gets 3 strikes, they're out. If they get 4 balls, they get a walk, which means you get a free base.

Express and Reflect

  • Life and Experiences

  • Express Emotion

  • 1st person

The very first Yankees game I went to was the best experience I've ever had. Me and my family took a whole week and went to New York. My very favorite thing about going to New York was being in the stadium with all of the Yankee players. It was 7 years ago when I went. I think they played the Las Angeles Angels. The Yankees have always been my favorite team. My pawpaw and I had the most fun in New York.

Take a Stand

  • Persuade about controversial issue.

  • Describe the problem, purpose a solution, provide evidence

This season, the Yankees wanted to trade A-Rod because he was involved in a scandal. But the only thing that happened to him was that he was suspended for a season. But because this is happening, the whole lineup and field positions are going to change. Something else that's going on inside of the Yankees team, is that they are wanting to trade one of their pitchers, only because it takes him a couple of innings to get his arm loose. A thing that would not be good about this, is that they wouldn't have the extra pitching. He is also a very good pitcher.

Inquire and Explore

  • Who came up with the sport

  • Why and How was it invented

Abner Doubleday invented baseball. He was in Cooperstown, New York. He came up with the idea in the summer of 1839. Baseball is now one of America’s most beloved sports. Doubleday invented baseball because people in the early colonies would play the game, but it was pretty dangerous the way they played it. A man that had been playing the game, made up new rules, and made the first official team. When they played, they won 23-1.

Analyze and Interpret

  • Skills needed
  • To be able to win more games, you have to have a team that can hit the ball well, can run the bases well, and knows how to play the positions they put you at. You have to practice hard, and play harder. The coaches have to be very disciplined.