Fort Vancouver High School

Center for International Studies


Principal: Curt Scheidel

Luis Castro-Quintanilla, Associate principal
Kirstin Kunihisa, Associate principal
Tony Liberatore, Associate principal

James Ensley, Athletic Director

Kathleen Paradis, Dean of students

Allison Darke, International Studies Coordinator

Main office: 360.313.4000

Business office: 360.313.4013

Attendance office: 360.313.4040 or



We are globally aware and engaged citizens who are college -, career- and life-ready.


We are leaders who value diversity, and we empower lifelong learners who actively and positively contribute to our school, our community and our world.


It’s important for our students to be prepared to compete, connect and cooperate with others locally and globally. Being an international studies school helps us accomplish this goal by creating an environment where all students are learning to become globally competent.

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Fort Families,

I am so grateful for the students and their families of Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies. I marvel at the care, concern and investment I see every day. I know that the effects of COVID are so very challenging and the resultant remote learning has been difficult for many to navigate. I am hopeful that more opportunities for in person learning will be opened up. So many are struggling. So many need less monitor and more human connection. Over these past few months, I have had more deeply rooted with myself the importance daily attendance at school is for our students and their families. We have done extraordinary work making the transition so that learning can go forward. Yet, there is nothing that can replace the accountability built into knowing that your teacher was there today for you and will be there tomorrow with a smile and a building connection. Teachers need their students and their students need them. I am looking forward to the day when that wish becomes a reality. I appreciate all you each do to support your children in their learning process and recognize the sacrifices all are making in this very difficult time.

Do a great day!!



We want Fort to be a school where increasing hope and opportunity is the daily focus and reality for every individual who chooses to be a part of our school. As part of this effort, we have developed a site specifically for our families at FVHS-CIS. This site has content around Family Health and Wellness, Family Education, supporting Your Child at Fort, Community Resources, a Q&A page as well links to resources within and outside of Fort. Coming soon, we will be able to support virtual meetings in multiple languages with Fort Families, online "chats" with specialized staff (School Psychologist, Dean of Students, FCRC coordinator, etc.). By engaging with families and providing information and opportunities, we hope we are better able to increase hope and opportunity for all of our Fort Community. Come check us out!

Kathleen E. Paradis

(she, her, hers)

Dean of Students

Climate and Culture

Fort Vancouver High School

Center for International Studies



"Tú eres mi otro yo.

You are my other me.

Si te hago daño a ti,

If I do harm to you,

Me hago daño a mi mismo.

I do harm to myself.

Si te amo y respeto,

If I love and respect you,

Me amo y respeto yo.

I love and respect myself."

- Luis Valdez

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Work Based Learning

To those students who are enrolled with Mrs. Barry in Work Based Learning, zero period (credit for working), please continue to email your pay stubs to her so she can confirm your work hours. If you have a new part-time job and need your Parent/School Authorization Form signed, please email it for signature.

Email pay stubs or questions to:
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If you are placed in the wrong level class or if you have a missing period in your schedule please contact your counselor. Otherwise no other schedule change requests will be taken. Here is the counselor breakdown and email contacts:

Mr. Dillman A - DAR

Mrs. Riordan DAS - JAC

Ms. Afu JAD - MORA

Mrs. Klassen MORB - SANTA

Ms. Gibbs SANTJ - Z


1. Canvas parent accounts: How to create an account (this is also on the WeLearn site under resources)

2. If parents do not have an email account: Need an email?

For your information:

1. The Responsible Use Policy: This Document is now digital and in Skyward for parents. Emails will be going out to families who have email accounts in Skyward. Paper copies will be available for families on-site for device pick up days.


Class of 2021! ­­

We would like to introduce you to our official Graduation vendor, Royal-T / Herff Jones. Royal-T has been servicing schools in our area for over 40 years and Fort Vancouver High School is proud to partner with them in creating a memorable graduation experience for every Senior. They will be providing caps & gowns and our official Fort Vancouver graduation announcement, as well as 2021 apparel and memorabilia to ensure that this much anticipated celebration is unforgettable.

This email is time sensitive and orders should be placed right away to ensure correct sizing and availability. Please take time to watch the virtual Senior meeting and read through this email carefully. This meeting will help answer any questions you may have and show you the benefits of ordering now. Contact Royal-T / Herff Jones with any of your questions.

Congratulations Class of 2021! My name is Scott Thompson and I am your graduation representative from Royal-T. We are excited for a great year and have created a Senior Meeting video for you to watch at home today.

CLICK HERE for a link directly to your Senior Meeting!

Graduation Timeline for Fort Vancouver High School

· Today is your Senior meeting release date! Click the above link to watch your Senior Meeting or check it out at

· Your two week ordering window begins right now. Place your order with a $60 down payment HERE. Fort Vancouver High School’s designated ordering window ends on October 11th, 2020. Our website will be open until the Spring, but this two week ordering window is how we can guarantee our best prices, early delivery, and precise sizing on your items.

· Delivery of apparel and all other early delivery items will happen on October 16th from 1pm-3pm in the Fort Vancouver High School parking lot.

· Final payments on all graduation orders are due on March 1st, 2021.

· Delivery of Cap & Gown and Graduation Announcement products Spring 2021.

Below you will find a graphic showcasing the important information for your school from our Senior Meeting that you have just watched. Please feel free to save this image, print it for the fridge, or share it with anyone who may need the information. We look forward to a great year! Do not hesitate to reach out to us at Royal-T / Herff Jones anytime for assistance at 360-254-7870 or through email at CLICK HERE to place your order today!!


In an effort to keep parents informed of the qualifications of teacher, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) allows parents to inquire at school whether their child(ren)’s teacher(s) have met state qualifications and certification requirements for the grade level and subject taught. Parents may inquire whether a teacher is under emergency or conditional certificate through which state qualifications were waived, and they may request information about undergraduate or graduate degrees the teacher holds, including graduate certificates and additional degrees, and major(s) or area(s) of concentration. Parents can also ask about paraprofessionals working with your child in reading, writing, and/or mathematics. We can tell you whether your child receives help from a paraprofessional and whether he/she meets state qualifications and/or licensing requirements.

Vancouver Public Schools annually conducts an audit of teacher assignments to assure that no teachers are assigned to areas for which they do not meet Washington State certification and/or endorsement requirements. Only on rare occasion does the District seek a wavier to certification. When this does occur, it is typically for a teacher who is within a few credits of completing the endorsement and is actively working on such completion.



We have moved all visits from colleges, trades, military, etc... to virtual visits!

You can register to meet with many of the top colleges, trades, military and Clark College/WSUV advising days. Bring your questions and meet the representatives.

· Most of them will be on Wednesday's during the student's work time/lunch.

· All visits have been added to our school calendar at


oYou can "click" on each calendar event and access the Zoom link to pre-register (yes you need to do this).

oOnce you pre-register, you will be sent an email with the link to the meeting.

oYou can also find a copy below


· I have also put together pre-recorded information session from the colleges here



Wednesday, Nov 4

Monthly Military Visit 8:00am-9:00 am

Boise State University 10:30am–11:15am

Intervention Specialist Information

Tabby Stokes

Prevention/Intervention Specialist at

Fort Vancouver High School:

503-343-5576 or

Virtual Office Hours: Wednesday 10:30am - 12pm

Meeting ID: 891 4347 9869 Passcode: tabby

Fort Vancouver High School's Prevention Club

Every Other Tuesday at 11:45 am

Want to join our Prevention Club to help plan activities each month that promote awareness of the dangers of substance use?

Our next meeting is November 10th:

Below is a list of student supports I offer:

One on one sessions with students

Group supports which include the following:

Affected others -- For students affected by a loved one's substance use.

Intervention Group/Insight -- For students who are actively using substances or have received a referral.

Tobacco Education Group -- For students who want to quit nicotine use or have received a nicotine referral.

General support group -- For students to learn coping skills for stress, anxiety, to learn communication skills and emotion regulation.

Trappers 4 Trappers Mentor Group: A group peer mentor program that involves trained upperclassmen and community partners

Prevention Club: Students who engage in activities and awareness campaigns to share the dangers of substance use

Freshmen Group: A group designed to welcome freshmen to Fort with games and topics relating to changes over the years

Senior Group: A skill building support group for seniors, addressing the ambivalence of leaving high school

Referral to Support Agency Groups:


YWCA: Healthy Relationships Class

YWCA: Sexual Assault Survivors Group

Janus Youth: Social Support Group


Fort Boosters could use your help!

We know everyone is busy right now so we have lots of ways to support our Boosters which is still hard at work.

Some absolute ways you can support is to link your Fred Meyer card to Fort Vancouver HS Boosters. Everytime you shop Fort gets a small percentage back. It does not affect your rewards in any ways. Sign up here:

Second is shop on Amazon Smiles and Fort gets a small portion of your sales.

You can link your account here:

It has almost all items as Amazon but what's better then shopping and supporting your favorite school?

You can become a member of Fort Vancouver Boosters! The cost is just $5 for adult. Just $3 for student! $10 for the whole family! We have different levels of support and every dollar goes right back to Fort Boosters! Please consider joining.

We are always looking for good volunteers. Some things we are currently looking for someone that likes doing social media, treasurer duties, fundraising, concession work, and sponsorships or even just helping coaches with team fundraisers. If you are interested in any of this please email us at We would love to have you be apart.

Lastly you can join us for our monthly meeting every 3rd Wednesday at 6 pm. We are currently doing them via zoom so you can totally come in pjs if you want. You can see our last meeting minutes here to see what we have been up to:!AgsBzWUeQJisjQ8HD_NM3WTDcUsm

Link for our monthly meeting is:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 763 3654 0132
Passcode: 7EBumP

Same link every month. If you have any questions please let us know at

Thanks for supporting our Trappers

Fort Vancouver Booster Club

Want to show some Trapper spirit? Of course you do!

Buy your limited edition Trapper mask!

1 Mask is $9

2 Masks for $16

Pick up at Fort will be arranged once the masks arrive.

For $1 extra you can have them shipped to your home!

1 Mask $10

2 Masks $17

Please order now! You may pay by credit card, cash or check. All proceeds benefit Fort Wrestling!

Order Here:



To submit a free or reduced meal application, please “log into Skyward (Family Access as the “PARENT”)

1. Click Food Service in the menu bar in the left column.

2. If you have more than one child, use the drop arrow at the top of the window to choose the student you are submitting for. You need to fill out an application for each child.

3. Click “Applications” near the top, center of the window, just under your name.

4. In the window that pops up, click “Add Application”.

5. Follow the directions to submit the application, clicking “Next” after completing each page.

6. When you are finished, hit “Submit”.

If you do not remember your password, you can click Forgot your Login/Password on the login page at Skyward (Family Access) to have your password sent to your email address that is on file with the district. If you do not have a Skyward login, please call your school office to get one.

You will be guided through the steps to complete the application. All steps/parts are listed at the left. You can select a step/part at the left or use the “Next” and “Back” buttons at top right to navigate through the application process.

Important to know:

ENTER NAMES EXACTLY THE SAME THROUGHOUT THE APPLICATION. Any variation of names (spelling, middle initial, etc.) between the parts of the application will be considered a different family member. It’s important when re-entering a name anywhere on the application for all the steps that it be entered exactly the same every time. By submitting the application, you attest to the accuracy of the application to include the number of members living in the household.

STUDENTS WITH INCOME. If student listed in Part 1/Student Names has income, re-enter student name (with exact spelling) in Part 2/Gross Income in order to report their income amount on the application.

PROVICE CONTACT INFORMATION. Providing an email and phone number can expedite the processing of your application.

NO CASE # - NO NAME. In part 2/Gross Income, do not enter a name next to case number if you are not proving a case #.

FIX ERRORS & SUBMIT. Once you have completed all the steps of the application, the system will notify you at the top of the window if there are any errors to correct before submitting the application. To correct the errors, select the appropriate section from the menu along the left side of the window. Once all the corrections have been made and the application is ready to submit, the Submit Application button will appear at the top of the window. Your application is not submitted until you selected “Submit Application”.

FREE/REDUCED BENEFIT NOTIFICATION. You will receive a letter notifying you whether or not free/reduced meal benefits have been approved. Lunch Type in the Food Service window of your Skyward Family Access account tells you the current status of your meal benefits.

INCOMPLETE APPLICATION. If you begin an application and don’t finish or submit it, your entries will be saved for you to come back and complete it at a later time. The application will not be reviewed and processed unit it is submitted.

Vancouver Public Schools

2901 Falk Road

Vancouver, Wa. 98661

Nutrition Services




Para someter una solicitud de comidas gratuitas y a precio reducido, favor de ingresar a “Skyward (como “PARENT” en “Family Access”)

1. Haga “Click” en “Food Service” en la barra de menú en la columna a la izquierda.

2. Si tiene más de un niño, use la flecha en la parte de arriba de la ventanilla para seleccionar el nombre del estudiante para quien está llenando la solicitud.

3. Arriba en el centro de la ventanilla debajo de su nombre, haga “Click “en “Applications”.

4. En la ventanilla que aparece, haga “click” en “Add Application”.

5. Siga las instrucciones para someter la solicitud, haga “click” en “Next” después de completar cada página.

6. Cuando termine, haga “click” en “Submit”.

Si usted no recuerda su contraseña, puede hace “Click” en “Forgot your Login/Password” en la página de inicio de “Skyward (Family Access)” para que se le envíe su contraseña por correo electrónico al correo electrónico que está registrado con el distrito escolar. Si usted no tiene cuenta de “Skyward login”, favor de llamar a la oficina de la escuela de su hijo para recibir una.

Se le guiará en los pasos para completar la solicitud. Todos los pasos/ las partes están listados a la izquierda. Puede seleccionar un paso / parte a la izquierda o usar los botones “Next” o “Back” en la parte superior derecha para navegar por el proceso de solicitud.

Es importante saber:

REGISTRE LOS NOMBRES EXACTAMENTE IGUALES EN TODA LA SOLICITUD. Cualquier variación de nombres dentro de las partes de la solicitud (ortografía, inicial del segundo nombre, etc.) se considerará como otro miembro de la familia. Es importante poner el nombre exactamente igual en cada paso de la solicitud. Al someter la solicitud, usted atestigua la exactitud de la información en la solicitud para incluir el número de miembros de familia que viven en el hogar.

ESTUDIANTES CON INGRESOS. Si un estudiante listado en la parte 1 “STUDENT NAMES” (Nombres de los Estudiantes) tiene un ingreso, vuelva a poner el nombre del estudiante (con el nombre escrito correctamente) en la parte 2 “Gross Income” (Ingreso en Bruto) para reportar sus ingresos en la solicitud.

PROPORCIONE INFORMACIÓN DE CONTACTO. Proporcionar un correo electrónico y número de teléfono puede acelerar el proceso de su solicitud.

NO NÚMERO DE CASO (CASE #) - NO NOMBRE. En la parte 2/ Ingresos en Bruto “Gross Income” no ponga un nombre junto al número de caso si no va a poner un número de caso.

CORRIJA LOS ERRORES Y SOMETA. Una vez que usted haya completado todos los pasos de la solicitud, el sistema le notificará en la parte de arriba de la pantalla si hay algún error que tenga que corregir antes de someter la solicitud. Para corregir los errores, seleccione la sección apropiada del menú a la izquierda de la ventanilla. Una vez que haya hecho todas las correcciones y esté listo para entregar la solicitud, aparecerá el botón que dice “Submit Application” en la parte de arriba de la pantalla. La solicitud no está sometida hasta que usted oprima el botón que dice “Submit Application”.

NOTIFICACIÓN DE BENEFICIO DE COMIDAS GRATUITAS Y A PRECIO REDUCIDO. Usted recibirá una carta notificándole si los beneficios de las comidas gratuitas y a precio reducido han sido aprobados o no. Los botones “Lunch Type” en la ventanilla de “Food Service” de su cuenta de “Skyward Family Access” le informa de su estatus actual de sus beneficios de comidas.

SOLICITUDES INCOMPLETAS. Si comienza una solicitud y no la termina o no la somete, su información será guardada para que regrese a completarla más en adelante. La solicitud no será revisada y procesada hasta que haya sido sometida.

Vancouver Public Schools

2901 Falk Road

Vancouver, Wa. 98661

Nutrition Services


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College Board/AP Updates

As of Oct. 22nd, Vancouver Public Schools is planning on having the PSAT School Day on January 26th. Once school's get further guidance we will confirm dates/times and contact sophomores and other eligible students.

Just a quick reminder that the school/district does not run the SAT tests on Saturdays. Fort is frequently rented for SAT's testing but that is coordinated through the College Board. Please check this link for SAT test center closings and updates -

May 2021 AP testing calendar and times are located here:

AP testing dates, times, and procedures are subject to change based on local Covid-19 circumstances.


Tony Liberatore

Associate Principal

Fort Vancouver High School