Fort Vancouver High School

Center for International Studies

MARCH 2020

Principal: Curt Scheidel

Luis Castro-Quintanilla, Associate principal
Kirstin Kunihisa, Associate principal
Tony Liberatore, Associate principal

James Ensley, Athletic Director

Kathleen Paradis, Dean of students

Allison Darke, International Studies Coordinator

Main office: 360.313.4000

Business office: 360.313.4013

Attendance office: 360.313.4040 or



We are globally aware and engaged citizens who are college -, career- and life-ready.


We are leaders who value diversity, and we empower lifelong learners who actively and positively contribute to our school, our community and our world.


It’s important for our students to be prepared to compete, connect and cooperate with others locally and globally. Being an international studies school helps us accomplish this goal by creating an environment where all students are learning to become globally competent.

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As we head into the month of March, we are already deep into semester 2 of the school year. Spring break is right around the corner and then we push toward the end of the year and graduation. It is an exciting time of year, because so much has happened already and there are so many more, very meaningful things, on the horizon. I am looking forward to experiencing this work at Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies for the first time this year.

This time of year also ushers in spring. The flowers start to shoot out. The leaves begin to fill the trees. The days get longer and the temperature starts warming up. Spring is a wonderful time of transformation for me to witness every year. Much is the same for me this year as we look at the improvement work we have been undertaking this year. As we work to develop systems to help improve attendance, behavior and academic performance, we are starting to see improvements. A couple initial data points indicate that we have already made some inroads. We had 5.4% fewer failing grades for the first semester of this year compared to the first semester last year. In addition, we have had an increase of 14% in the number of students who have come to school 90% of the time or more in the same semester to semester comparison. We have had to suspend more students from school compared to the year before and that number is now stabilizing. We anticipate that the need for suspension will reduce as students learn the expectations and how to reach the increased behavior standards.

There is still much work to be done. We are like the seedlings in the ground who are starting to sprout with the advent of spring. As we continue to nurture our school culture and provide the water and fertilizer of high quality instruction, Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies will begin to grow stronger and stronger which, when nourished and tended well, leads to the fruits that we all want to experience each day.

Have a great day!!!



Confirmed coronavirus cases in Washington and Oregon were reported over the past weekend. Vancouver Public Schools wants to assure families that it is closely monitoring this evolving situation. We understand the concern our families have about this virus and we want to assure them that the district is working directly with Clark County Public Health and the Department of Health as it does for all matters concerning public health.

At this time, risk for the coronavirus in Southwest Washington is considered to be low, however, VPS is prepared to act quickly if the situation changes. Parents can expect to receive a message on Monday, March 2, about precautions our schools are taking and procedures the district will take if needed.

What VPS is doing

  • We are following directions from Clark County Public Health, which is in contact with the Washington state Department of Health and closely following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control.

  • Per recommendations, we are following standard cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Common contact surfaces, sinks, kitchens, restrooms and windows are cleaned regularly.

  • Students and staff are being reminded to wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or to use hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol if handwashing isn’t possible.

  • We encourage parents and guardians to keep sick children at home as appropriate after notifying their school.

  • We will continue to take precautions, monitor schools, follow the recommendations of the local and state departments of health and make adjustments as needed.

  • We are developing a contingency plan in case of a local outbreak.

  • Families should ensure that they have provided up-to-date contact information to their child’s school so that they can receive any updates.

For more information on the coronavirus, please visit the Washington State

Department of Health website or call 800-525-0127 and press #.

Prevention/Intervention Specialist

Hello Fort Students and Families!

I would like to introduce myself as Fort Vancouver High School’s Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Intervention Specialist. As the Prevention/Intervention Specialist it is my job to support and counsel students that are at risk of turning to substance use, those currently using substances and those struggling to cope with a friend or family member’s substance use issues. Just being in high school puts students at risk so my services are available to all students here at Fort

Substance use, during adolescence is the leading cause of preventable death and health issues in the United States. As the Prevention/Intervention Specialist my goal is to be a resource for all students to stop the cycle of addiction and to help all students reach their ultimate potential. Our youth are our future and the more support we can offer to increase their chances of success in life the better future we create not only for them, but for our world. Frederick Douglass said it best when he stated “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Some of the services I offer here at Fort:

  • Confidential individual counseling for all students, referral to ongoing mental health and substance use counseling if applicable, and a variety of support groups to teach students skills and provide ongoing support around a variety of issues/topics.
  • I teach a prevention education series in freshmen classes and promote awareness on substance use related issues around the school through classroom and lunchroom related presentations and activities.
  • I also lead a prevention club and oversee a student led mentor group with community partners.
  • Lastly, I oversee some other community led groups by Alateen, YWCA groups, and more.

If you have any questions about the services I provide or would like to refer someone to meet with me please feel free to reach out to me at the contact information provided below.


Tabby Stokes MSW, CDP

Prevention/Intervention Specialist

Want to earn school credit for working?

It’s an easy way to get some credits.

If you work an average of 20 hours per week, you can receive .5 credits!

Just come and see Mrs. Barry in room 115 or the Student Store for details.

Attendance Matters

Our goal is for students arrive on time and be in class 100% of the time.

Our tardy policy started taking effect October 1st.

4 tardys = Warning

8 tardys = Lunch Detention

12 tardys = Lunch Detention and Conference

15 tardys = After School Detention


We started using the tardy kiosks to help ensure accurate record keeping and speed up the check in process.

Students will need to check in at the "tardy kiosk" if they arrive late to school between 7:30 - 8:30.

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if you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s schedule, high school planning, or other issues, please contact us at the Fort Vancouver Counseling Center. We serve students alphabetically based on their last name. A list of our counselors, as well as their email addresses and phone numbers can be found below. You can also request an appointment by contacting our Counseling Clerk, Cheri Chavers, at 313-4007.

Students A-Dar : Mike Dillman


Students Das-Jac : Jennifer Riordan


Students Jad-Mora : Layla Afu


Students Morb-Santi : Jane Klaasen


Students Santj-Z : Kelly Smith


OTG Specialist : Susan Holden



Junior and Senior students that plan to attend a four-year college or university following high school should plan to take the SAT or ACT college entrance exams. These tests are offered throughout the year and students can sign up online. Fee waivers are available in the Counseling Center and/or Career Center for those students that qualify.

. There will be a free school-day SAT for all Juniors offered on March 25. Other upcoming test dates are listed below.

SAT Test Date : May 2 Registration Deadline : April 3

ACT Test Date : April 4 Registration Deadline : February 28


The first semester will closed on January 23. Students in danger of failing a course have until that date to work with their teacher to improve their grade. Many teachers offer office hours either before or after school. The school also has Homework Help in Room 177 Monday through Thursday for an hour after school. Many of our teachers offer opportunities to make up work, retake tests, and more, so it is not too late to improve grades before the end of the semester.


There are a few educational opportunities that open to students beginning their Junior year, but students must meet certain requirements in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Cascadia Tech is a technical/vocational school that offers half-day programs in a number of different disciplines (Auto Tech, Aviation Tech, Cosmetology, Information Technology Systems, etc.). Running Start is a state funded program that allows students to take college courses at Clark College while meeting high school graduation requirements. Cascadia Tech has attendance and credit requirements to gain acceptance and a minimum GPA of 2.75 is required for students to access Running Start. Contact the Counseling Center if you have questions about these or other programs.

Counselors will be forecasting with students for the upcoming 2020-21 school year during the month of March. Students will have the opportunity to set their course schedule for the next school year during this time. It is important that students are in attendance and make solid, informed decisions that best fit their four-year plan. Counselors DO NOT allow schedule changes in the Fall as these changes can negatively impact our course offerings, class sizes and more. The scheduling decisions that students make now will guide our master schedule building for the entire 2020-21 school year.

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Thank you, voters!

A three-year supplemental levy that will maintain current levels of programs and services in Vancouver Public Schools was recently approved by Vancouver voters with 60.51% yes votes. The levy will make up a multimillion budget shortage due to changes in state funding for education.

“I am extremely grateful to this community for providing more than 55 years of continuous financial support for our students and schools,” said Superintendent Steve Webb. “This election shows the value our voters hold for the education of our children and youth.”

For information about the levy, please visit


Спасибо, избиратели!

Трёхгодичный дополнительный налоговый сбор, который сохранит программы и услуги на уровне, предоставляемом Ванкуверским школьным районом в настоящее время, был недавно одобрен избирателями Ванкувера, при этом в поддержку налога проголосовало 60.51% избирателей. Эти средства восполнят многомиллионный дефицит бюджета, который возник в результате изменения предоставляемого штатом финансирования школьного образования.

«Я чрезвычайно благодарен жителям нашего района за то, что в течение 55 лет они предоставляют постоянную финансовую поддержку нашим учащимся и школам», - сказал Управляющий Ванкуверским школьным районом Steve Webb. - «Эти выборы продемонстрировали большое значение, которое наши избиратели придают получению образования нашими детьми и молодежью».


¡Gracias, votantes!

Un impuesto suplementario de tres años que mantendrá los niveles actuales de programas y servicios en el Distrito Escolar “Vancouver Public Schools” fue aprobado recientemente por los votantes de Vancouver con un 60.51% de votos a favor. El impuesto suplementario cubrirá un déficit multimillonario en el presupuesto debido a cambios en la financiación estatal de la educación.

“Le estoy extremadamente agradecido a nuestra comunidad por su continuo apoyo financiero para nuestros estudiantes y escuelas,” dijo el Superintendente Sr. Steve Webb. “Esta elección demuestra el valor que la educación de nuestros niños y jóvenes tiene para nuestros votantes.”

Para más información sobre la recaudación fiscal, visite


Ach kapasen kinisou ngeni meinisin ekkewe aramas re útút!

A wor úkkúkkún 60.51% aramas rá útút wón ewe mwonien takises an epwe sópwenó ne ánisi ekkei prokrám me áninisin pekin sukkun me VPS nón ekkei 3 ier sipwe tonong nón. Ei mwonien takises epwe ne awora ewe fite minion mwonien sukkun kich mei nafangaw wón mwúrin an mwuun a awora eóch/ewe ekkesiwin ngeni mwonien sukkun.

Meinapen ewe Vancouver Public School ren Superintendent Steve Webb e apasa pwe “Ngang úwa men unusen kinisou ngeni aramasen iká chóóchóón nón neniach kei ren ar sópwenó ne awora áninisin mwoni ngeni ach kei sukkun me néúch kei chon sukkun non úkkúkkún 55 ier.” A pwan apasa pwe “Pwúngunón ei útút mi pwáranó ach aúcheani néúch kewe semirit me ar sukkun.”

Ren tichikin póróusan ekkei mwonien takises, ouse mochen nó ngeni ach ewe website ren


District Policy 4130: Title I – Parent Involvement

The board recognizes that parent and family engagement helps all students achieve academic standards, including those participating in Title I programs. To promote parent and family engagement, the board adopts the following policy, which describes how the district will involve all parents and family members of Title I students in developing and implementing the district’s Title I programs.

The policy can be found at:


Escuelas Públicas de Vancouver

Normativa 4130 del Distrito Escolar: Programa Federal “Título I” (parte de la Ley de Educación Primaria y Secundaria (ESEA) – Participación de los padres

La Junta Escolar reconoce que la participación de los padres y la familia ayuda a que todos los estudiantes logren alcanzar los estándares académicos, incluyendo aquellos que participan en el programa federal de “Título I”. Para fomentar la participación de los padres y las familias, la Junta Escolar está implementando la siguiente normativa, que describe cómo el Distrito Escolar involucrará a todos los padres y miembros de la familia de los estudiantes de “Título I” en el desarrollo e implementación de los programas de “Título I” del Distrito Escolar.

La normativa se puede encontrar en:


Ванкуверские государственные школы

Положение школьного района, номер 4130: Title I (Раздел I Законодательного акта о школьном образовании) – Участие родителей

Совет директоров признаёт, что участие родителей и членов семей в жизни школы помогает всем учащимся, включая тех, которые занимаются по программам Раздела I, достичь академических стандартов. С целью содействовать участию родителей и членов семей совет директоров утвердил следующее положение, в котором описано, как школьный район будет вовлекать всех родителей и членов семей учащихся, занимающихся по программам Раздела I, в процесс разработки и внедрения программ Раздела I в школьном районе.

Это положение можно найти на сайте:


Teacher Qualification Notice

In an effort to keep parents informed of the qualifications of teacher, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) allows parents to inquire at school whether their child(ren)’s teacher(s) have met state qualifications and certification requirements for the grade level and subject taught. Parents may inquire whether a teacher is under emergency or conditional certificate through which state qualifications were waived, and they may request information about undergraduate or graduate degrees the teacher holds, including graduate certificates and additional degrees, and major(s) or area(s) of concentration. Parents can also ask about paraprofessionals working with your child in reading, writing, and/or mathematics. We can tell you whether your child receives help from a paraprofessional and whether he/she meets state qualifications and/or licensing requirements.

Vancouver Public Schools annually conducts an audit of teacher assignments to assure that no teachers are assigned to areas for which they do not meet Washington State certification and/or endorsement requirements. Only on rare occasion does the District seek a wavier to certification. When this does occur, it is typically for a teacher who is within a few credits of completing the endorsement and is actively working on such completion.


Уведомление о квалификации учителей

Согласно Законодательному акту «Каждый ученик достигает успеха - Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)» для получения информации о квалификации учителя родители могут запросить школу о том, соответствуют ли требованиям штата квалификация, сертификат учителя(-ей) их ребёнка(детей) для преподавания конкретного учебного предмета на уровне данного класса. Родители могут сделать запрос о том, работает ли учитель с временным или условным сертификатом, т.е. свидетельством о присвоении квалификации и праве на преподавание, при получении которого штат сделал временное исключение в отношении квалификации; родители могут запросить информацию о полученном учителем базовом и полном высшем образовании, т.е. степени бакалавра или магистра, включая удостоверения об окончании магистратуры и дополнительные академические степени, профилирующий(-е) предмет(-ы) или область(-и) специализации. Родители также могут навести справки об ассистентах учителей, которые обучают их ребёнка чтению, письму и/или математике. Мы можем сообщить вам, получает ли ваш ребёнок помощь от ассистента учителя, и соответствует ли он(-а) требованиям штата в отношении квалификации и/или лицензии.

Ванкуверские государственные школы ежегодно проводят проверку нагрузки учителей для того, чтобы удостовериться в том, что ни одному учителю не было поручено вести классы по специальности, в которой он(-а) не соответствует требованиям штата Вашингтон в отношении сертификатов и/или удостоверений на право преподавания предметов в конкретной области знаний. Школьный район обращается за получением разрешения на отступление от требований в отношении сертификатов только в редких случаях. Когда это случается, это в основном касается учителей, которым не хватает всего нескольких кредитов, т.е. зачётных единиц для получения удостоверения на право преподавания предметов в конкретной области знаний, и которые активно работают над завершением этого процесса.


Aviso de Cualificación del Maestro

En un esfuerzo por mantener a los padres de familia informados sobre las cualificaciones del maestro, la ley Cada Estudiante Triunfa (ESSA, por sus siglas en inglés) permite a los padres preguntar en la escuela si los maestros de su hijo han cumplido con los requisitos estatales y requisitos de certificación para el nivel de grado y la asignatura impartida. Los padres pueden preguntar si un maestro se encuentra trabajando con un certificado de emergencia o condicional a través del cual se eliminaron las cualificaciones estatales y pueden solicitar información sobre los títulos de licenciatura o posgrado que el maestro posee, incluidos los certificados de posgrado y títulos adicionales, y la (s) especialidad (es) o área (s) de concentración. Los padres también pueden preguntar sobre los asistentes de maestros que trabajan con su hijo en lectura, escritura y/o matemáticas. Podemos informarle si su hijo recibe ayuda de un asistente de maestro y si cumple con los requisitos estatales y/o los requisitos para obtener la licencia.

El distrito escolar “Vancouver Public Schools” realiza anualmente una auditoría de las asignaciones de maestros para garantizar que no se asignen maestros a áreas para las cuales no cumplen con los requisitos de certificación y/o de aprobación del Estado de Washington. Sólo en raras ocasiones el distrito solicita una autorización para una exención de la certificación. Cuando esto ocurre, por lo general, es para un maestro al que le faltan unos pocos créditos para completar la certificación y está trabajando activamente en dicha finalización.


Iká pwe ke mochen epwe wor emén epwe ánea ngonuk masowen ei taropwe nón fóósun fénúomw ren ómw kopwe weweiti, en mei tongeni kéri Juanita Yasu, 360-771-5343.


The Fall Honor Roll Assembly is on Friday March 6th, 2020 at 9:30am. Students who made the Honor Roll will receive an invitation.


Come celebrate the work of all students from our Center for International Studies!

Music, Dance and Activities from around the world will be on display

This FREE event will be held Wednesday, March 11th 6:30-8:00 pm at FVHS.


Our Spring Sports Season starts 3/2/20.

FamilyID is open for Spring registration. Register NOW!

You must be cleared on FamilyID, pay your ASB and previous sports fines before you can tryout. Be proactive and start checking now!

We are celebrating Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) on Thursday, April 16, 2020


We are celebrating Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) on Thursday, April 16, 2020    NAPOLEON IS COMING TO VISIT!!