Fort Vancouver High School

Center for International Studies

December 2019

Principal: Curt Scheidel

Luis Castro-Quintanilla, Associate principal
Kirstin Kunihisa, Associate principal
Tony Liberatore, Associate principal

James Ensley, Athletic Director

Kathleen Paradis, Dean of students

Allison Darke, International Studies Coordinator

Main office: 360.313.4000

Business office: 360.313.4013

Attendance office: 360.313.4040 or



We are globally aware and engaged citizens who are college -, career- and life-ready.


We are leaders who value diversity, and we empower lifelong learners who actively and positively contribute to our school, our community and our world.


It’s important for our students to be prepared to compete, connect and cooperate with others locally and globally. Being an international studies school helps us accomplish this goal by creating an environment where all students are learning to become globally competent.

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For the past month, we have been working diligently to help students arrive to school and class on time. Learning is essential and maximizing the time in class is a significant piece to the learning process. We need to ensure that every minute in the classroom is available for engaged learning opportunities to take place. However, when students arrive to school or class late, that process can be hurt so we have undertaken to increase our expectations in this area.

Training students to improve their timeliness takes time and effort. The first area we focused on was ensuring that any student who arrived after the 7:30 start time for school, checked in through the tardy kiosk. I will admit, that in the first few days, there was heavy lifting to be done. Many students had trained themselves to arrive well past the start of school, some missing upwards of 20 minutes of instruction. The line was pretty long those first few days and there were some upset students as they had to wait in a rather long line to punch their number into the tardy kiosk machine. However, as the days have moved forward, the time needed to get through has significantly decreased, as more and more students are now arriving to school well before it starts. This is a testament to both family support and student effort. I am so thankful for the increased learning opportunities that will be engaged in from these efforts.

In addition to arriving to school on time, we are working to decrease the number of students who are late to class during the school day. We have 5 minutes passing times at our school. With even reasonable effort, a student can get to class with plenty of time to spare. However, when students take detours, walk their friends to class, have to give 14 hugs and 32 fist bumps, or just generally take their own sweet time, getting to class on time is difficult to make happen and learning suffers for them and others. However, our teachers value learning and therefore they are putting more and more attention to this part of the instructional plan. So going forward, if you get more e-mails or calls about tardiness to class, it is all part of a larger goal for helping to improve the learning experience for all students.

I am so thankful for our students. In the short time I have been the principal at Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies, I have seen how responsive so many of our students are. When they know what is expected, they rise to the bar that is set before them. This happens in the classrooms and in the hallways. As we continue to focus on improving our climate and culture over time and providing high quality instruction that gets results for student learning, more and more substantive improvement will occur.

Do a great month!!!


Prevention/Intervention Specialist

Hello Fort Students and Families!

I would like to introduce myself as Fort Vancouver High School’s Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Intervention Specialist. As the Prevention/Intervention Specialist it is my job to support and counsel students that are at risk of turning to substance use, those currently using substances and those struggling to cope with a friend or family member’s substance use issues. Just being in high school puts students at risk so my services are available to all students here at Fort

Substance use, during adolescence is the leading cause of preventable death and health issues in the United States. As the Prevention/Intervention Specialist my goal is to be a resource for all students to stop the cycle of addiction and to help all students reach their ultimate potential. Our youth are our future and the more support we can offer to increase their chances of success in life the better future we create not only for them, but for our world. Frederick Douglass said it best when he stated “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Some of the services I offer here at Fort:

  • Confidential individual counseling for all students, referral to ongoing mental health and substance use counseling if applicable, and a variety of support groups to teach students skills and provide ongoing support around a variety of issues/topics.
  • I teach a prevention education series in freshmen classes and promote awareness on substance use related issues around the school through classroom and lunchroom related presentations and activities.
  • I also lead a prevention club and oversee a student led mentor group with community partners.
  • Lastly, I oversee some other community led groups by Alateen, YWCA groups, and more.

If you have any questions about the services I provide or would like to refer someone to meet with me please feel free to reach out to me at the contact information provided below.


Tabby Stokes MSW, CDP

Prevention/Intervention Specialist

Want to earn school credit for working?

It’s an easy way to get some credits.

If you work an average of 20 hours per week, you can receive .5 credits!

Just come and see Mrs. Barry in room 115 or the Student Store for details.

Attendance Matters

Our goal is for students arrive on time and be in class 100% of the time.

Our tardy policy started taking effect October 1st.

4 tardys = Warning

8 tardys = Lunch Detention

12 tardys = Lunch Detention and Conference

15 tardys = After School Detention


We started using the tardy kiosks to help ensure accurate record keeping and speed up the check in process.

Students will need to check in at the "tardy kiosk" if they arrive late to school between 7:30 - 8:30

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If you have questions or concerns regarding your student’s schedule, high school planning, or other issues, please contact us at the Fort Vancouver Counseling Center. We serve students alphabetically based on their last name. A list of our counselors, as well as their email addresses and phone numbers can be found below. You can also request an appointment by contacting our Counseling Clerk, Cheri Chavers, at 313-4007.

Students A-Dar : Mike Dillman


Students Das-Jac : Jennifer Riordan


Students Jad-Mora : Layla Afu


Students Morb-Santa : Jane Klaasen


Students Santi-Z : Kelly Smith


OTG Specialist : Susan Holden


Junior and Senior students that are planning on attending four-year colleges or universities following high school should plan on taking the SAT or ACT college entrance exams. These tests are offered throughout the year and students can sign up online. Fee waivers are available in the Counseling Center and/or Career Center for those students that qualify. Upcoming test dates are listed below.

SAT Test Date : March 14 Registration Deadline : February 14

ACT Test Date : February 8 Registration Deadline : January 10

To be considered “on track” for graduation, students should have the following minimum number of credits entering the school year. If a student is below the minimum number, schedule a meeting with the appropriate counselor to discuss possible credit recovery options.

Freshman = 0 Credits Junior = 12.0 Credits

Sophomore = 6.0 Credits Senior = 18.0 Credits

Thanksgiving and Winter Break are great opportunities for students to catch up on late or missing work in their classes. Encourage your student to speak with their teachers about ways to improve their grade and assignments that they might be able to over the holidays in order to better their grade.

There are a few educational opportunities that open to students beginning their Junior year, but students must meet certain requirements in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Cascadia Tech is a technical/vocational school that offers half-day programs in a number of different disciplines (Auto Tech, Aviation Tech, Cosmetology, Information Technology Systems, etc.). Running Start is a state funded program that allows students to take college courses at Clark College while meeting high school graduation requirements. Cascadia Tech has attendance and credit requirements to gain acceptance and a minimum G.P.A.. of 2.75 is required for students to access Running Start. Contact the Counseling Center if you have questions about these or other programs.

Students A-Fi : Mike Dillman


Students Fj-L : Jennifer Riordan


Students M-Roc : Jane Klaasen


Students Rod-Z : Kelly Smith


OTG Specialist : Susan Holden


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