Edmond Doyle News


Happy May Day!! It's hard to believe that it is May 1st and that the end of school is getting so close. We have had a great year at Edmond Doyle! Your children have really shown a lot of growth academically and socially. Everyone should be very proud of all of them! All of us love our kids-thanks for sharing them with us!

If you were not able to attend our Elementary Track Meet...you missed a great time! Our Edmond Doyle students are not only smart--they are super fast. We were all so proud of each and every athlete that participated!! Great job!!

While school is coming close to an end..it's not over yet. Everyone needs to be at school on time and ready to go. We have a lot of exciting activities planned-we don't want anyone to miss anything!! Remind your children that although we have a lot of cool learning activities and fun events to enjoy, they need to remember to be on their best behavior. If we can't behave at school...we can't chance taking them elsewhere. Good behavior is needed to help all of us be safe!!

Our fourth graders had a great time at the Science Museum. Thanks to everyone that came along to help!! Once again, everyone was impressed with how well our students behaved!!

We have Smencils for $1.00 and Scented Backpack chains for$3.00 on sale in the morning!

Upcoming Events:

May 1st-Music Maker practice at S. Arch Auditorium-8:30a.m.

May 2nd-Music Makers-6:30p.m.-S. Arch Auditorium

May 6th-May 9th-Teacher Appreciation Week!!

May 6th-3rd grade to Claremore..Will Rogers Memorial and Ranch

May 6th-Kindergarten visits Edmond Doyle

May 7th-4th grade visits Parker-9:00a.m.

May 7th-Art Night-MHS students coming to do an art project with our students

May 8th-3rd grade to Venue and Chadick Park

May 9th-2nd Grade Outdoor Classroom

May 9th-4th graders go to Art Spot and Lunch

May 10th-No School

May 13th-Rollerdome for everyone meeting Mrs. Hunt's AR goal for 3rd nine weeks

May 14th-Talent Show--9:00a.m.

May 15th-Award's Assembly--1st-2nd grade-8:30a.m. 3rd/4th grade-10:00a.m.

May 16th-Super Kid's Day--Last Day of School-cookout, inflatables, if weather permits two of the inflatables are water slides--can wear bathing suits, sunscreen and towels. everyone meeting Mrs. Hunt's AR goal gets extra time!!

May 28th-Summer School Begins

June 28th-Summer School Ends

July 23rd-K-8th grade enrollment 12:00p.m.-6:00p.m.

July 24th-K-8th grade enrollment 8:00a.m.-12:00p.m.