Presenting and Interacting All in One


Nearpod allows it's users to create an interactive presentation to share with the students on their own devices. Originally this was an iOS app but now their are Android apps as well as full functionality on PCs such as netbooks, laptops and desktops.

As a teacher shares a presentation, students join by opening the Nearpod app or going to the Nearpod website and entering the session ID number on their device. The students can then see the teacher's presentation on their own screen. The teacher controls the pace and the content and can even add in activities throughout to check for understanding. These activities include open-ended questions, polls, quizzes and drawing slides.

This is a great way to keep everyone focused and interacting with the content throughout the lesson. The data collected from student's activities can help identify students who need more interaction with the content, or who are ready to move on. Accounts are free with an option to move to a paid account for extra features. Create your account today and start playing! Nearpod Getting Started Guide

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