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How do you stay safe when visiting a website or app?

Fall 2022 Digital Citizenship Newsletter

Elementary Edition

When you're playing outside without an adult, what do you do to stay safe?

  • Don't talk to strangers.
  • Don't go into the street.
  • Get help from an adult if you get hurt.
  • Follow the rules of the playground.

But how do you stay safe when you are playing on the internet?

Watch the video to see how the Digital Citizens stay safe when they are on the internet.

Internet Traffic Light

Questions for discussion ...

  • What does green mean? Can you think of some examples of "green" sites?
  • What should you do when you come across a "yellow" website?
  • What should you do if you accidently go to a "red" website that isn't right for you?

The Digital Citizens tell us to "trust your gut." This expression means that you should trust your feelings inside about whether something is right or wrong.

Just like drivers obey a regular traffic light that tells them when it's safe to go, when they need to slow down, and when to stop, the "internet traffic light" can tell people on websites and apps whether or not it's OK to go somewhere online. Not all websites are safe for children!

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What is a GREEN website or app?

  • A site or app that is "just right" for you
  • Fun, with things for you to see and do
  • Has appropriate language

These websites and apps are appropriate for your age group.

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What is a YELLOW website or app?

  • A site or app you are not sure is "just right" for you
  • Has words that are hard for you to read
  • Asks for information such as your full name, address, or phone number
  • Asks you to fill out a form

These are website to be careful of ... you must ask a grown-up for permission before going to yellow websites or apps
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What is a RED website or app?

  • Has everything a yellow site has
  • A site or app that is clearly not "just right" for you
  • A place you have gone to by accident
  • Has pictures, words, or videos that are for older kids or adults
  • A place where people can chat with people they don't know

These websites and apps are definitely NOT appropriate for children. You should leave the website or ask a parent for help.

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Let's play Time to Climb!

For each question, read about the website and decide if it is a GREEN, YELLOW, or RED website or app! For each one you get right, your character will climb the mountain ... see if you can reach the top!

Additional Resources

Standards Alignment


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I.A.2, III.A.1, III.A.2, III.A.3, V.A.1, VI.A.1, I.B.2, II.B.1, II.B.2, III.B.1, III.B.2, I.C.1, I.C.4, II.C.1, II.C.2, VI.C.2, I.D.1, I.D.3, I.D.4, II.D.1, II.D.2, II.D.3, III.D.1, VI.D.1, II.B.3


1d, 2b, 2c, 3d, 7c

(See standards alignment chart)

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