The 4 Levels of Industry

By:Trinity Rivers


The gathering and processing of raw materials.

Example:Commercial Farmers(potatoes,cotton,wheat,carrots)

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Definition:Turning a raw material into a product.


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Wholesale,Transportation,and Retail

Wholesale:Sells products to retailers

Example:(Amazon,Oasis Clothing,Haggar Clothing Co)

Transportation:Getting product from the wholesaler to the retailer.(trucks,trains,planes)

Retailer:sells the product to the consumer.

Example:(Burlington Coat Factory,Marshall's,Walmart)


Definition:Marketing or advertising the product.


Marshall's Boutique Dress Commercial

Wrapping it all up

The 4 levels of industry are agriculture,manufacturing,wholesale,transportation,retail,and service.Agriculture is the gathering and processing of raw materials.Manufacturing is turning a raw material into a product.Wholesale is the selling of products to the retailer.Transportation is getting the product from the wholesale to the retailer.A retailer sells the product to the consumer.The last level is service which is the marketing or advertising of the product.So it starts as a raw material,then goes to a product,then it gets shipped to a reatiler,and finally the product gets advertised.