Sympathetic Plantation Owner

Autumn Veronica and Emilly

Rebuilding Southern Econmy

Freed blacks are able to sign a share cropping contract which lasts a single growing season. This will allow land and tools to be rented to them, at the price of 50% of their harvest. This plan will follow closest to Johnson's reconstruction plan.
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Representative of the Southern States

Either Northern or Southern whites are able to represent the Southern states, as long as they acknowledge our wishes to keep a share cropping plan.

Population of free blacks

Given right to vote.

Given the option of renting land and tools in a share cropping plan with their previous masters. Beating, and forced separation of families will not be tolerated.

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Readmitting Southern States

If one wishes to be readmitted to the Southern states, they must first swear to free their slaves-giving them rights do live a life off of a plantation if they chose to. However plantations are still able to make contracts or deals with freed blacks. The majority of a state must agree to our plan.

Laws and Amendments

Although blacks are freed, they must obey all contracts without hesitation. However contracts may not fray from what their previous jobs as a slave entailed, plantation owners must properly care for slaves giving land, tools, and other goods to their workers.
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