Babysitting avalible

By: Dilpreet Jutla

Leave your child in your community!

Are you a hard working guardian who is looking for a place to leave your child, I am willing to keep your child for babysitting. If you are looking for a place to keep your child while your gone to that important meeting or work, I am available to provide your child with a shelter, entertainment and food (for extra payment).

Who I am

I am 14 years old, and I am capable to be home with a child with all safety equipment. If you would like to meet me and have a interview to convince you just give me a call and we can set a date

Ages and Cost

The ages can be 2-11 I can not take care of little baby. You can contact me to disscuss an arrangement for your child if he/she is not in the age limit.The cost Of Babysitting is about $8 per hour prices my adjust to you childs age. Contact me for discounts or information


These things all require extra payment. Food, Education, Baking knowledge, Walks to the park, pick up from day care or school. Please contact if you want me to do a personal extra activity.

Hope to See you and Your Child Soon!