The History Of Microsoft Inc.

By: Isaiah Lindsay

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What is the Purpose Of Microsoft?

The business well-known as Microsoft Office was founded and created by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4,1975. This multi billion dollar corporation provides a number of goods and services to the to economy. The first Microsoft desktop computers(The 1.0) were later released towards the end of 1985 making a place in history as the first ever.
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Microsoft's Motivation

The purpose of the company(Microsoft Inc.) was to provide a type of service. They were giving the public something brand new,something that until this point was unheard of. This product was in high demand for business and common house hold use. Yes they were selling a product and making profit, but those computers were also a type of service. They fulfilled the needs and or wants of the consumers.Although not considered fast for today's standards keep in mind this was November of the year 1985. As you can guess the level of technology evolved over the last 31 years now everything on that 40-50 pound computer can be put in a 1 inch long chip. The original hardware of the system has sustained the test of time as opposed to the look/design and weight. Just about the only thing that has remained the same is the name and the constant demand for the product.To this day Microsoft is one of the most powerful companies in business an business as of 2016. They have just released the new Surface Pro 4.


Accounting in my opinion is the is the most important function because it deals with money. Accounting is a record of what the company makes in profit from consumers.The cost they pay for a device.

Management is whoever is in charge of the company flow.They make sure everything the branch does is up to date and right. Before the business was large Bill Gates was management.

Marketing means product,price,placement and promotion of a organization. It can also be a type of advertising. The commercials they do is an example of that.

Information Technology they maintain software applications,email accounts,processing systems and hardware for for all technology. They have a whole department for these transactions.

Operations involve behind the scenes paperwork required to complete all transactions. Found in both the service and the manufacturing sectors of the business. Paul Allen was the head of that department for a while after the start.

Human Resources are the people that take care of your problems when you call. They are responsible for the hiring and firing of employees.

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