Noun vs Verb

By Ashlyn Batdorf


A noun is a person, place, thing or idea.

Ex. Bob


A verb is an action verb.

Ex. Running.

Why is I a pronoun?

I is a pronoun because if it wasn't it would sound like you are talking in third person.

Ex. Ashlyn is hungry.

What are the articles in the English language?

The articles in the English language are The, a, and ,an.

What is a noun phrase?

A noun phrase is a phrase that takes the place of a noun.


I like dancing on stage.

Dancing on stage is the noun phrase.

I like sleeping in my bed.

In my bed is the non phrase.

What is a verb phrase?

A verb phrase is the action in a phrase.

I like dancing on stage.

Dancing is the verb phrase.

I like to sleep in my bed.

Sleep is the verb phrase.

*How would you differentiate between a linking verb and an action verb?

Well a action verb is a verb that describes a action. A linking verb that connects the sentence to the main part of the sentence. A linking verb doesn't describe and action and a action verb doesn't link anything.
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