Having Fun In Year One

Patterning and more.....

What have we been learning about.......

In class, we have been learning about repeating patterns.

Patterns are the foundation of Mathematics.

We have been describing, creating, and extending patterns. We have also been

identifying the core of the pattern (the part of the pattern that repeats). We call this the term of the pattern.

Patterns can be created in a variety of ways:

  • using different objects e.g forks and spoons
  • different shapes e.g. circles and squares
  • different colours e.g. red and blue
  • different sizes e.g. large and small
  • different actions e.g. snap and clap
  • different sounds e.g. tap and shake

Ideas for ways to support your child with pattern at home

  • Explore some simple patterns with your child.
  • Create a simple repeating pattern, using household objects.
  • Look for patterns in books nature, in designs
  • Find patterns in wrapping paper, clothing and around the house (e.g. tiles, pavers) and environment

  • Notice patterns in books and songs where words or phrases repeat

  • Make patterns that repeat

  • Create dances with repeating steps and movements

Online Games




Have fun exploring patterns!

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Making patterns with shapes and sounds

Looking for some holiday ideas?

  • Create a holiday scrapbook
  • Play board games
  • Bake some holiday treats
  • Go on a pattern hunt
  • Read to and read with your child

Happy Holidays....

We wish you a happy and safe holiday time with your family and friends and look forward to seeing everyone on the 5 January 2015.