Webster's Weekly News

October 17, 2016

Language Arts

Next week we will introduce a new concept to help develop comprehension and higher level thinking skills. We will be learning about author's purpose and use the acronym P.I.E. The students will learn that the 3 purposes authors write are to persuade, inform and entertain readers. Our theme will be pigs and students will be making a pig book where they will practice P.I.E. They will write inform their readers about interesting pig facts they learn, make up pig jokes and persuade a reader why they should like bacon. This will be an entertaining and fun way to learn about author's purpose.


In math, we will be composing and decomposing numbers using addition and subtraction facts. The students will be working with dominos to find different ways to make number sentences that equal the same number. We will also be playing a game called Knockout to practice math facts. These strategies will help students see that different facts can equal the same number and this will help develop numerical fluency.

Remember to continue working on math facts at home and have your child test often. Once your child completes all 26 levels, they will begin taking a timed math fact test each week.


We will continue learning about the different forms of energy that help in our everyday lives. This week we introduced the different forms and next week we will go into more detail on each form.

This year first-grade students will not be required to participate in the annual science fair. In place of having to complete a science fair project, the first and second graders will have a science night. This is will be a night of fun and hands-on science experiments. The date of science night has not be announced, but it will be in February.

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