Thursday, October 27th

Save the Date-Egypt Night at the Museum

We will be having our Egyptian Night at the Museum Open House on Thursday, November 10th, from 5-7 pm. We will be starting our Egypt unit next week, so the students do not know about this yet. We will be conducting research, writing, and typing our information at school. Students will also create an artifact for our museum (at home) to showcase their research & topic. We will be picking topics and conducting research next week, so stay tuned!

6th Grade Curriculum News

We began our year with map skills and the Stone Ages. Students created an iMovie to showcase their learning. We then moved into the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia. Students are working with their tribes through an interactive simulation to build the greatest empire. They are competing for resources, purchasing armies and deploying them to take over territories/provinces, competing in challenges, making fate decisions, and completing tasks. In addition, each member of the clan has a specific role (job) to fulfill throughout the simulation. Ask your child what he/she is doing. We have a Ruler, General, Scribe, Priest/Priestess, & Artisan. Mesopotamia will be coming to an end at the beginning of next week, and we will then be moving on to Ancient Egypt.

Fertile Crescent Quiz #3 (21-30)

Wednesday, November 2nd

6th Grade Hot Dog Picnic

Plexles, Squzzles, and Atlas Activities

Building Stone Age Shelter

Stone Age Clothing-Otzi (The Iceman)

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays we have celebrated:

Aug 16 Maddie W

Aug 20 Jordan S

Aug 22 Marin C

Aug 24 Maddie M

Aug 28 Dennis C

Aug 31 Simon W

Sept 3 Elijah C

Sept 8 Kiyoko N

Sept 11 Ashlyn G

Sept 30 Quinn G

Oct 6 Braden H

Oct 7 Lucas W

Oct 22 Lorenzo P

SAGE Stars of the Week

Sept 9th Marin C

Sept 16th Misha B

Sept 23rd Bailey S

Sept 30th Mason B

Oct 7th Ellie B

Oct 14th Trey W

Oct 21st Breanne G

New Mark Play: Homework Ate Dog

Actor: Lucas V

Actresses: Libby H, Hailey M, and Nadine O

Publicity: Ella F

Lights: Cameron B

Congratulations on a fantastic production!


Congratulations to Marin Chamberlin and Katie Sweiven, who will represent New Mark at the regional spelling bee competition that will take place in just a couple of weeks. We are very proud of you!

Parent's Corner

  • No School Friday!
  • Thanks for the donations that many of you have contributed to help our classroom run smoothly. We are set with Kleenex, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, candy, play dough, and so much more. A BIG THANK YOU!!!
  • A huge thanks to so many of you for coming to conferences at New Mark. It was a pleasure to talk with each and every one of you. I have a great group of students, and feel so blessed to work with them every day. I feel very supported and encouraged by the great conversations and feedback.

Enjoy the 3-day weekend!