Real World Application

By: Ashlyn Pettit

Word Processing:

I will be using this for tons of different things. If I ever need to make a flyer, I could do it here. I can also type lots of documents and format them correctly. I would be able to type essays too. Also, if I ever needed to type a professional business letter, I could do that here, and know which punctuation to use. This has been a really useful tool to learn and I love all of the skills that I have gained from using it.

Google Docs:

This is such an amazing tool! I don't think I realized how useful it was until I started taking this class, but I love it! You can create anything. I can make a beautiful presentation in minutes, and forms for people to fill out. I can use the data that I have collected to make spreadsheets too, and I know how to format it so it can do all of the math for me. I will absolutely be using this constantly in the future.

Presentation Software:

I have learned about so many different websites where you can create fabulous presentations that look really good too. I have also learned how to create good visuals, so when I have to present in front of someone, I know that my slideshow will look awesome and that people will be interested in what I have to say. I also learned how to create inforgrams which I will be doing again. They are a quick and fun way to display information and are also cool to look at. I don't think I will ever use the plain old power point software again! I will be using programs like Smore and Prezi.