Harding Library

Happy New (School) Year!


This is my short newsletter to let you know what the library offers, what I hope to accomplish this year and a little about myself.

Library Services & Resources

What I'm working on this year

Most importantly, I'm excited to get to know Harding to continue developing library materials and services for you. I'll also be working with the other district librarians on several projects including implementing EasyBib Pro, a version that the students can log in with their AD account and connect to Google Docs as well as take notes and organize research. I'm currently on a committee to build resources for students and teachers to support the Guided Inquiry model of research.

Contact Me

I'm happy to meet with you informally, attend your PLC meetings to talk about these and other ways I can help.

About Me

My name is Betsy Dadabo (pronounced duh DAH bo). I'm very excited to be working with you all this year. I started out with a degree in EL, but after working in my university library, decided I liked the combination of teaching, working with people and exploration of a broad range of subject matters. I worked for nine years at Bethel University in various roles of managing the tech support desk, working at the research desk and most recently managing the website and working with digital humanities and scholarship. I love talking to people about tech tools they use and how to incorporate tech and research into the classroom.

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