Michael Lewis


"Having one of the poorest baseball team in the leagues, play against one of the richest teams. The Oakland A's try to go into the big leagues, having only a 40$ million budget. Billy Beane, The general manager, uses computer stats to recruit new members to the team, and he must do so using as little money as possible".
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Author's Purpose

To Inform: Baseball isn't just about who can run/hit/catch/pitch. There are also math that is involved. Looking up a players stats can really help a team to reaching there goals. Also the author wants to inform his readers that, small budget teams can also make it to the big leagues.

"The gap between rich and poor in baseball was fair greater than in any other professional sport, and widening rapidly" (XI).

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Three Concepts


B:Trading players

C:Managing a balance team

Greatest Impression

The general manger's all says that Billy is a great athlete and it is hard to find someone who has all the skills as Billy. They say that Billy can become a superstar and offered Billy to play pro baseball for a large sum of money. Listening to there offer, Billy decides not to go to college and have his career in baseball. Billy ends up doing horrible in his pro baseball career and regrets his choices. He realize that if he gets fired, he would be just a normal man with nothing more than a high school diploma. This shows that money is a powerful thing, and can affect the choices that others do.
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Book Rating

I would give this book a three just because im not really a fan of non-fiction books. Also because baseball isn't the type of sport i prefer. I think the people who would love this book are baseball fans, because it shows the great history in baseball and the strategy's they used to accomplish there goals.

Passages #1 pages 62-63

"The pursuit of truth was, suddenly, the key to success".

Passages #2 pages 70-71

"To knock runners in, runners needed to be on base when you came to bat".
Both talks about the key to success and how to win the game.


I connect this book to the movie, the longest yard because both starts off with a really poor team and neither any of the teams can imagine winning because of there lack of skills. Also in both story's, there's is a coach that must find a team that they believe could be unstoppable.