The 6 Stages of Government

By: Luke Boyse

The First stage is Primitive Communism - Hunter and Gather society.

Primitive Communism was a government that everyone shared everything or mostly everything. Such as property, food, and materials. Usually the Chief or person in charge was the oldest or best person in the group. The reason this way of life moved on to the next stage was due to the idea of private property, agriculture, and domesticated animals.
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The Second stage is Slave Society

Slave Society is where a lot of things changed such as private property, agriculture, and classes. The agriculture made it so a large work force (Slaves) had to produce enough for large city populations. The classes is where people become divide into classes such as poor, middle class, and rich. The slave societies usually fell apart due to the lack of slave so they would have to keep conquering for more. This would create an empire which then like most fall apart over time or quickly.

The Third Stage is Feudalism

Feudalism had Hereditary classes. This means that a persons class is determined by birth and there is little to no chance of movement in this system. Feudalism also had something called Chivalry. Chivalry was a system of values such as honor and loyalty that knights were supposed to follow. The fall of Feudalism occurred when increased goods and services created people known as merchants. As the merchants got more good and profit they challenged the lords and nobles with their wealth.
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The Fourth Stage is Capitilism

Capitalism is fully focused on profits for the employer not the employee. This makes people have conflict with their jobs. Also during capitalism was a thing called wages. Wages is where people are paid for their work. Humans can be greedy and employers can take advantage of this system. The fall of Capitalism happened because the working class is not being paid for their work, but a portion of it. So the working class would then rise up and take control of the factories and businesses.

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The Fifth Stage is Socialism

Socialism has what is called planned economy. Planned economy is where economy is planned and organized on need. It also has common property. Common property is where means of production is run by workers instead of thee minority.There wasn't really a fall to Socialism, but it just moved on. Socialism moved on because Socialism is already the first step in the next stage and if it works the left over scraps of capitalism will be thrown out.

The Sixth and Final Stage is Communism

Communism has something called statelessness. Statelessness is where there is no government, laws, or nations. It also has classlessness. Classlessness is where there is no classes and everyone works for everyone. Next it has whats called property lessness. Property Lessness is where there is no money and all goods are available based on need.

And that is the last stage of government