Elsie Rogers Express

Fall 2019

Fall Greetings!

As we enter into the second semester, I want to thank you for participating in the Parent Teacher Conference opportunity. We recognize that 15 minutes is not a lot of time to dig deep into your chid's learning journey, therefore we would like to offer the following opportunity. On Thursday, November 21, we'd like to invite any parent to Elsie Rogers at 6:00 for a more in depth conversation regarding state and local assessments as well as how the data is used at the various grade levels. We will share information about Dibels (given to K-2 students), AIRways interim and benchmark assessments (given to 3-5 students), IREAD3 (given to 3rd grade students) and ILEARN (given to 3-5 students). Please mark your calendar! We look forward to seeing you!

In other news I wanted to share some information with you regarding a AP you may or may not be familiar with - TikTok. Social media is everywhere, and many elementary aged kids are chomping at the bit to get on it. Kids are practically experts at persuading parents to let them have "just this one app" or talk them into allowing social media such as Instagram or SnapChat with parental controls. Parental controls may or may not help, but they do not prevent kids from being in harm's way. Experts continue to caution against young children being on social media at all. Experts also continue to warn parents about the negative impact of too much "screen time."

Today I am sharing with you just one of several current "problems" out there, so you will be aware. If you are not familiar with the app called TikTok, you might want to check with your kids. They are not only familiar with it, but lots of kids are on it...and this is concerning.

On Oct. 18, 2019 Good Morning America aired a story about TikTok and the concerns associated with it. Click here to view the GMA story. WSBT-22 morning news also aired a piece sharing concerns about TikTok. To read more, check out: 15 Dangerous Apps Your Child Should NOT Have on their Phone.

Does it feel impossible to stay ahead of all this? Yes, at times it does. Whether it's too much screen time for kids or "bad people" out there or inappropriate content, the concerns are real. We want our kids to have access and to enjoy the benefits technology can bring, but we must stay diligent to protect them from the harmful effects. We may not realize it at the time, but the "bad stuff" seems to find its way to our kids. And when it does, it affects them at school.

Please know that this information is not sent to scare parents. It is sent to inform and raise awareness. Thank you for taking the time to read the information. Most of all, thank you for partnering with us to help your children succeed at school and in life.

One School, One Book

We kicked off our school wide book read last Tuesday with a visit from Top Notch Service Dogs. We had two very special visitors, Goldie and Bentley. Miss Christina taught us the difference between a service dog and a facility dog as well as what it's like for a dog to live and train at their facility. Goldie (the hypoallergenic poodle) will be making every other week visits to your child's classroom throughout the months of November and December! Below is the schedule that we will be following for the visits. If your child has concerns with the dog visits, please reach out to your student's homeroom teacher.

Thursday, November 7th, 21st, December 12th

Kidney & Nicodemus- 10:00-10:25

Hapke & Front- 10:35-11:00

Kelleher & Truckowski 11:15-11:40

Thursday, November 14th, December 5th, 19th

Givens & Panting- 10:00-10:25

Minegar & Martinczak- 10:35-11:00

Latham & Mauro- 11:10-11:35

Ponsler & Cardoza- 11:45-12:10

Reminders - ALL students are invited to bring in a picture of their pet to hang on our One School, One Book community bulletin board. Though Fenway is a dog, we are welcoming any pictures of a family pet. If your child does not have a pet, he/she can bring in a picture of a pet they would like to have. The deadline for pictures is Friday, November 1.

Family Reading Schedule

Week of October 28 : Chapters 1-3

Week of November 4: Chapters 4-6

Week of November 11: Chapters 7-9

Week of November 18: Chapters 10-12

Week of November 25: Chapters 13-14

Week of December 2 : Chapters 15-17

Week of December 9: Chapters 18-20

W.E.R.E News

Did you know that Elsie Rogers has a student operated newscast? Under the direction of Miss Givens and Mrs. Youngs, each morning a crew of students helps us begin our school day by sharing various aspects of a typical news program: daily happenings, weather, birthdays, words of wisdom. We close the broadcast with alternating classrooms leading the school in The Pledge of Allegiance. To check out a glimpse of the newscast, click the link below.

My Child has been sick… CAN they return to school?

PHM has a few guidelines regarding when your student is able to return to school. Please understand that these guidelines help keep our school a healthy environment for all students!

  • Fever – a fever of 100 degrees or higher. Student cannot return to school until they have been fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications.

  • Vomiting – Student should stay home until he/she can keep food down and is free of symptoms for 24 hours.

  • Diarrhea – Students should stay home until free of symptoms for 24 hours.

  • Cold / Heavy Cough – Cold symptoms or cough that can be managed with medication, as long as they are fever free.

Social Emotional Learning Update

At P-H-M, we value each student and want to help them reach their fullest potential. We can help unlock potential through Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)! According to the Collaborative for Academic and Social-Emotional Learning, SEL is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. SEL is vital and can offer so many benefits to students, such as an increase in prosocial behaviors, social and relationship skills, emotional wellness, academic success, stress management and the list goes on and on. Since SEL has so many benefits and is crucial for ALL students' success, P-H-M has a unified, systematic focus on SEL and developed goals and initiatives on this front. One of our major goals is to offer SEL lessons to all students. We have aligned our teaching and learning to the SEL competencies set forth by the Indiana Department of Education. In order to teach students these skills, the Youth Service Development Specialist will deliver the Social-Emotional Learning lessons one day per week during IMC or computer lab time, with the exception of a few weeks throughout the year due to testing, etc. For the months of August, September, and October, we will focus on offering an overview of SEL, and then learning more about self-awareness/insight, mindset, self-management/regulation, identifying strengths and goal setting. If we want our students to learn the important SEL skills, we must intentionally teach the skills so they can benefit both now and in the future. In fact, research shows SEL can really move the needle in terms of academic performance. Furthermore, if we look down the road, Forbes identified the top qualities employers want in their employees, which are all related to SEL (e.g., ability to work on a team, problem solve, make decisions and communicate). Therefore, we must teach these skills to our students so they can be successful now and as well as later in life. SEL is a value-add to all P-H-M can offer to help unlock potential.

For the month of November, the Social-Emotional Learning lessons at the elementary level will focus on self-management/regulation. Self-management/regulation refers to the ability to recognize and manage one’s emotions. Regulation skills build positive self-control, positive self-discipline, and impulse control. Students will discuss identifying and labeling feelings so they are better equipped to recognize situations that may cause frustration and stress and take appropriate steps to work through it, think before they act, and/or make changes. Students will also learn how different parts of their brain is activated when they feel stressed. Lessons will also touch on Self-Awareness/Insight, which refers to the ability to know your emotions and how they affect your thoughts and actions. Gaining insight is an important skill for building self-confidence, self-esteem, and empathy for others. Insight helps students recognize their own strengths and areas of growth.

For more information on SEL, please visit P-H-M's SEL web page https://www.phmschools.org/parents/social-emotional-learning or contact Dr. Jennifer Sears, Director of SEL & Mental Health at jsears@phm.k12.in.us

Jennifer Sears, Ph.D.

Director of Social-Emotional Learning & Mental Health

Penn-Harris-Madison School Corporation

Mystery Science

Has your student mentioned a guy by the name of Mystery Doug? Doug is a science teacher out of San Francisco who developed a weekly science video series where students ask questions that intrigue them. We, at Elsie Rogers, took the program a step further and invested in the mini lesson part of the program as it is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. Check out the link below for a snap shot of a past question and then ask your student about what they learned from this week's question - Could a mountain turn into a volcano?
Big picture

Mandatory Curriculum to be Taught at Elsie Rogers on Friday, November 8

Indiana law requires that all schools provide age appropriate and research based instruction on child abuse and child sexual abuse to students in kindergarten through grade 12. Penn-Harris-Madison has partnered with the Family Justice Center, Youth Service Bureau of St. Joseph County and the St. Joseph County Special Victims Unit to provide this instruction for our students.

In November, staff from the Family Justice Center and Youth Service Bureau of St Joseph County will present a series of age appropriate, short animated videos that will be followed by a short session asking the children what they learned from the videos, did they understand the messages etc. This curriculum, designed by the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center at Eisenhower Medical Center, is called the “Protect Yourself Rules.”

The program’s main goal is to educate children about what to do when confronted with abusive behavior, safe and unsafe touches, going to a parent or another trusted adult if they are confronted in an unsafe situation, and that it is not their fault. An “Unsafe Touch” is defined as touching private parts of the body that are covered by a bathing suit. Stranger safety, Internet safety and other situations are also presented. The curriculum can be viewed at http://fightchildabuse.org/.

Please click here to complete the electronic permission slip to notify us of your wishes for your student to participate in this curriculum. Please note that if you have more than one child attending a P-H-M School, you must complete a permission slip for each child from the school they attend. Electronic permission slips are posted on each of our school websites.

Dismissal Procedures

Please remember the following if you are utilizing the car rider line:

  • Please DO NOT exit your vehicle in the pick up line. If your child needs assistance, we will help your child get in, but then ask that you pull into the lot to assist with seat belts if needed.
  • Please DO NOT have your child enter the car on the driver's side. Please use curb side entrance to the vehicle.
  • We also ask that you DO NOT pass the car in front of you unless a staff member signals you to do so.
  • Display your yellow tag on the rear view mirror.
  • If you have a dismissal change for the day, please call the office before noon.
  • Finally, please DO NOT talk on your cell phone during this time.

All of these requests will expedite the car rider dismissal process and provide safety to your child. Thank you!

High Ability Update from the P-H-M High Ability Coordinator

In accordance with the Indiana high ability law, we are required to have an identification process in place to identify students of high ability in the general intellectual and specific academic domains. We identify students who have high ability in language arts and/or math.

Every kindergartener, second and fifth grader who has not been previously identified in a subject area is considered for high ability identification.

Testing for the high ability identification process will begin in December.

Learn more about our identification procedures by visiting our high ability website at https://www.phmschools.org/saturday-enrichment-and-high-ability-programs.

Dates to Remember

November 5 - NO SCHOOL - Election Day

November 8 - Mandatory Child Abuse Curriculum to be shared at Elsie Rogers

November 11 - Picture Retakes

November 12 - 2nd Grade Music Program @ 6:30 PM

November 14 - Pastries for Parents A-M

November 15 - Pastries for Parents N-Z

November 16 - Lego League Competition

November 27, 28, 29 -No School, Thanksgiving Recess

December 5 - Hearing Screening - grades 1 and 4

December 17 0 3rd Grade Music Program @ 6:30

December 23 - January 3 - Winter Break