Government i-LAB

Hacking Public Services: How to do innovation in government

2-hour Breakout Session

Session Description:

This session will bring together attendees of the World Innovation Forum and practitioners from government together with leaders from the citizen sector who are beneficiaries of public services. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about innovation in the public sector with specific country examples, how to lead innovation in public services, how to use the Wellbeing approach to support innovation in communities and hear about future trends in the way public services are designed and run.

Further, participants will have an opportunity to hear about the early service and product prototypes collectively co-created by government officers, community members and creatives who will be attending the Community Impact Jam to be held 12th and 13th November, as a side event to WIFKL 2013. Participants will have a chance to provide their own ideas as to the feasibility of implementation of the prototypes and be part of co-creating and hacking public services for the community.

Scope Group, who is a +SocialGood Connector, which is a UNDP-Gates Foundation-Rockefeller Foundation-UN Foundation-Mashable global initiative, will link the event to the global platform, www.plussocialgood, and this will give participants the opportunity to be part of the global conversation on public sector innovation and the revolution in collaboration between the public-private-citizen sectors globally. The event will be featured live on the platform through social media channels.

Govt i-Lab Breakout Session, World Innovation Forum KL

Wednesday, Nov. 13th 2013 at 3-5pm

Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Kuala Lumpur City Centre Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


3.00-3.05pm: Welcome and introduction of speakers. Introduction to Government i-Lab session by Key Facilitator, Dr. Shariha Khalid (Executive Director, Scope Group, Lead Moderator)

3.05-3.15pm: Keynote Listener: Dato' Dr. Sharifah Zarah Syed Ahmad, Deputy Director General, Malaysian Public Service Department - The Innovation Transformation of the Public-Sector in Malaysia

3.15-3.25pm: Global Sharing by Key Facilitator, UNDP Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei Darussalam, Assistant Resident Representative (Programme), James George Chacko - How public sector innovation links to global development: UNDP's perspective

3.25-3.35pm: Global Sharing by Key Facilitator, Kaospilots, Simon Kavanagh - How To Lead Innovation

3.35-3.45pm: Global Sharing by Key Facilitator, nef Consulting, Jody Aked: 5 Ways to Wellbeing - How the public, private and citizen sectors can work together to achieve it

3.45-4.00pm: Q&A

4.00-4.45pm: Participants work in the 4 group clusters.

Presentation of 4 Service Prototypes by Group/Community Leaders, created in collaboration between citizens and government officers at the Community Jam.

Feedback from Breakout Session participants, facilitated by Key Facilitators on How To Implement Prototypes/What the Next Steps Are

4.45-5.00pm: Presentation from Key Facilitators of 4 Service Prototypes (3 mins each)

5.00-5.05pm: Closing Remarks from Dr. Shariha Khalid followed by group photograph

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World Innovation Forum

World Innovation Forum-Kuala Lumpur 2013 (WIF-KL 2013) aspires to create a new culture of innovation, and is to be held at the epicentre of economic growth, emerging technologies and innovation in Asia. WIF-KL 2013 is jointly organised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and the Malaysian Innovation Foundation/Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia (YIM)

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We are Scope Group

Scope Group is a social enterprise based in Malaysia that provides innovation and impact consultancy as well as advisory services to governments around the world to scale and deepen their impact in global development issues. Our areas of expertise range amongst others, from healthcare, livelihoods, education to public sector innovation. We have been doing social innovation projects working across sectors since 2001 in Asia and Europe. Through our Impact Incubator, ideas are given the platform to be realised and scaled. Scope Group is a +SocialGood connector and Global Service Jam organiser in Malaysia, linking activities around innovation and social good in Malaysia to the world.