Educating your children

School,manners,discipline,and much more


Sometimes,you children had a hard time with things that made them have a little change. They may have lowered their grades,had a different attitude,be less active and ect. Are you worried about your child? Well you found the right place,we will show you everything to have a perfect child!

For adults

Eastern or western parenting?

Both of them have their pros and cons.Eastern parenting is perfect for letting your child be a super star in school. But the con is that the chinese parents don't let their children have fun.Western parenting is the funner side.They let their child to do whatever they want. But the con is that their child don't learn anything in school and the parents don't care. I don't have my opinion. Both of them have their good sides and their bad sides. I would mix both of them. Western parents are not rough,they are like ,"can you please put your clothes away?". But eastern parents are to rough they might tell their children ,"you are garbage!".(quote gotten from eastern vs western article).
Pros and cons-good things and bad things.

Manners-being respectful.

Electronics-devices people look at in a screen with light.

Attitude-the way people act.

Related ones-someone that is related to your family.