All About Jason Lewis


Who I Am

My self-esteem is an equal amount versus insecurety.

My values are knowledge, achievment, leadership, power, and authority.

My skills are organization, keeping order amongst people, and control.

Where Am I Going

My career as an Army Ranger.

job description: provides training and work experience in a veriety of careers.

Job median pay: $11,309.00

Job out look: very good for qualified people

Career Cluster: could be consisered its own but also law,public safety,corrections, and security.

work schedule: When they are called to duty but the are always in the area of the battle in a bunker or base or they are here on leave.

Work Environment: The conditions can be bad depending on where they are who there is a war against and what.

Interesting Facts: the army rangers were around before the marine corps, and it know one hundred and one ways to kill some one with there bare hands.

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How Do I Get There

Location of Oklahoma University is 660 Parrington Oval, Norman, OK.

I want to go to OU because my family is from oklahoma and its not too far from my home town Bartlesville, OK.

My career will need a highschool deploma or higher.

It cost total $30,670.50.

A band scolarship so i can play at the games.

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