Marooned in 4th Grade

September 24th-28th

Happy Fair Week!

No School for students on Thursday!

A Look At Our Week

  • Reading & Spelling--Invasion From Mars --Vocab, Comprehension and Spelling test on Friday.

  • Math--Chapter 2--Multiplication Lessons 2.6-2.10

  • Science--Animal Organ Systems

  • Language--Nouns

Craig Boykin

The staff of our school district had the privilege of hearing Mr. Craig Boykin speak at our back to school assembly in August. Mr. Boykin's story is one of inspiration and determination. He was a young man who chose not to succumb to the hardships he had encountered throughout his young life. Through determination he has overcome his cultural poverty and has risen to be a top speaker of how to help youth overcome barriers placed in their lives.

Our district has been provided the opportunity to have Mr. Boykin come back in October and speak to our students, parents, and community members. Please plan to attend this special event on Thursday, October 4th at 6:00p.m. in the KHS auditorium. I have attached a link for more information to Mr. Boykin's story and mission. .

Reminders/Mark Your Calendar

  • September 24 - 28 - Delta Fair

  • September 27 - No School

  • October 1 - After School Tutoring Begins

  • October 4 - Craig Boykin at high school auditorium at 6:00 p.m.

  • October 12 - End of 1st Quarter ..... End of 1st Quarter A.R.

  • October 18 - 12:25 Dismissal .... Parent Teacher Conferences 1:00-8:00p.m.

  • October 19 - No School

After School Tutoring

AST begins on Monday, October 1st. If your child received a note regarding tutoring, please return ASAP.

Spelling and Vocabulary Words


bunch, fruit, argue, crumb, crew, tune, juice, refuse, truth, young, clue, trunk, amuse, suit, rude, trust, dew, stuck, rescue, brush, computer, mustard, tissue, customer, attitude


extraordinary--very unusual; remarkable

fade--to lose brightness or color

awe--a sense of wonder

indescribable--hard to describe

luminous--brightly lit

daring--adventurous and unafraid

alarmed--frightened and surprised

convey--to communicate

reacted--changed as a result of making contact with something else

conferring--discussing with others