The Booster Beat

December/January 2020-2021 Edition

President's Prelude

Half the school year is almost done and many are ready to move on from 2020. The past nine months have been full of challenge, yet opportunity. Throughout this time, parents and students alike have learned how to adapt, to improvise, to connect, to find solutions.

One of the boards biggest focuses has been on how to keep kids experiencing band currently and in the future. Remind your kids to sign up for band as 2021-22 registration starts in just a few weeks. We continue to work with administration to provide more elective time for 6th-8th grade in the 2022-23 schedule.

The board has been trying to shift fundraising to more local/area businesses, see details later in the newsletter about our Emil's frozen pizza (Watertown), Swag store (Ameriprint-Sun Prairie) and "Feed the Beat" give back weeks for local restaurants that have shown us support over the years, now we can give back to them.

May the goals you set for yourself in 2021 continue to push you to innovate, to expand, to accomplish that which may have never been thought possible.

Andrew J. Ruplinger

General Band Booster Meeting

Sunday, Feb. 21st, 5:30pm


Mark your calendar! All are invited to attend the next Booster meeting. Meeting will be held via Zoom and possibly in-person depending upon current orders.

Agenda items likely will include hybrid model band class, SOSP update, grade 678 schedule for 2022-23 school year, fundraising/financials,

Yard Signs Coming to your lawn in January!!

Like you, we are so proud of our children and the band program in Sun Prairie. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, our children continue to collaborate, create, and perform. We are optimistic about the future and look forward to once again attending concerts, watching our marching bands in the Memorial Day Parade, viewing evening Sound of Sun Prairie rehearsals, dancing to the music of our jazz students or cheering for our athletic teams with the pep band amping up the energy!

We understand the value band has our children's education and their development. We wanted to help celebrate and share our pride with the wider community by placing a yard sign at the home of every band family. With your permission, a yard sign will be placed in your yard January 7th -15th. If you would prefer to opt-out and not have a yard sign placed in your yard, please fill out this form by January 5th:

We hope this sign brings a sense of pride to your child and family. We look forward to the day we get to hear our kids making beautiful music together again!

Feed the BEAT

It's important that we do our part to give our support to our local restaurants during this challenging time. Each month we will pick one local restaurant to support for 1 week. Boosters will not be asking for any profit from restaurants.

Stay in touch through our website and Facebook page for details.

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Emil's Frozen Pizza Fundraiser

Sale January 1st - 12th

Delivery Day Saturday January 30th

Visit our Website Emil's Frozen Pizza page to view and print order forms and for additional details

Spring Butter Braid + Fruit Sale coming soon

Twice a year the Boosters offers delicious fruit for sale to the general public.

Butter Braids are a Delicious Pastry that is hand braided filed with fruit. Delivered frozen, un-thaw overnight, bake the next morning for finger smacking breakfast. Great for family or holiday brunch gatherings.

Band Members will earn a percentage of every sale for their band ledger.

Look for future details, sale starts February with delivery before Easter.

How does Fundraising help you?

By participating in one or multiple fundraisers you can earn funds into your CHARMS Ledger Account! Funds can be used for multiple music fees throughout the school year.

For details check out the following links.

The Booster funds are used to help cover costs for many great opportunities for ALL band members 6th grade through 12th grade. Here are just a few things we help provide for:

  • Band Uniforms
  • Lesson Academy
  • Transportation
  • Jazz Program
  • Sound of Sun Prairie Program
  • Varsity Point Awards
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Varsity Points

Starting in 9th grade your band student will earn points when participating in various band opportunities. The points will accumulate through 12th grade. Once the student reaches a certain point level they receive an award.

12 points or greater earns a Varsity Letter

24 points or greater earns an Instrument Pin

36 points or greater earns a Ribbon

48 points or greater earns a Medallion

To earn points, student must participate in one or more of the following:

  • 1 point per semester in Band

  • 1 point per semester in Jazz (one point given for Essentially Ellington in NYC)

  • 2 points for participation in Epoch Sound (1 football and 1 basketball)

  • 3 points per season in Sound of Sun Prairie (entered in July)

  • 2 points for participation in SPHS “Pit” Orchestra

  • 1 point for participation in Solo & Ensemble (no points for “Solo Night”)

  • 1 additional point for participation in State Solo & Ensemble (entered on 5/1)

  • 1 point for WYSO

  • 1 point for High School Honors Band

  • 1 point for Winds of Wisconsin

  • 1 point for Full Orchestra

  • 1 point for Chamber groups (.5 point per semester)

Recognition of Varsity Points will be awarded at the

Spring Band Concert and at the end-of-season Sound of Sun Prairie picnic.

What is the purpose of the Sun Prairie Band Boosters?

  • Encourage and support interest in the band department of the Sun Prairie school system
  • Lend moral and financial support to the Sun Prairie school system's band department
  • Promote the general activities of the band department
  • Along with the band directors, help foster a positive and welcoming environment for band members, parents and members of the Sun Prairie community
  • Manage the extra-curricular fund raising and fund distribution functions of its members

Make sure you join our facebook page and check out our website

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