Claymore Springs

1st of September 2013 Emily Rimmer

Fun day out gone wrong !

A humid day out for Fredrick, Stephan, Trivet, Anthony and Alan , 5 drugged out teenagers didn’t turn out the way they quite planned. As these silly silly teenagers drove the roads of Claymore Springs over Claymore bridge In their black van they came across what was seen to be a very young toddler, the van stopped and Fredrick stepped out to go and see what was happening whilst the others were in the car waiting and watching. As Fredrick walked over he soon realised that the toddler wasn’t a toddler but he was just a midget, Fredrick started to speak to the midget but then he got in Fredrick’s face saying 'Want some drugs bro, come on ! You know you want some!" Fredrick kindly said no but the midget quickly yells "GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT OF HERE, SOMETHING DANGEROUS IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN!!”
As Fredrick tries to question the midget he runs of down the road a short second after a beaten up bus sped around the corner and smashes the black van out of its way of the bridge with the others still inside. In a panic Fredrick ran over to see that the van was in pieces but none of his friends in sight. Fredrick looked around and seen Alan’s daughter Matilda running towards him down the road, as she came closer he was speechless and soon after Fredrick had fallen.

When Fredrick woke he seen the midget in the distance standing on a hill near the bridge watching something but Fredrick wasn’t too sure what .The midget was watching what he said was a sprit scare Anthony and Alan around near the bridge. Slender man being one of the midgets past gang members finds Stephan and Trivet and asks them to kill the midget for his own benefit.

Fredrick soon after then sees that Anthony and Alan slowly stumbling towards the bridge, Alan then sees that his little girl is safe with Fredrick standing on the bridge.

Stephan and Trivet finally arrive at the bridge with their plan to kill the Midget but they realise that Alan and Anthony have all put everything that has happened of the years behind them.

They all walk down towards where the van had crashed picking up bit by bit to all help fix the van until it is up and running so everyone can get home safely.