Earth's Surface

by Faith Nagel

Rocks vs Minerals

Rock: A solid that is normally a lot of minerals put together, formed in nature

Mineral: Also a solid that forms in nature, has a crystal formation, there is obvious chemical makeup


More Examples!

Aluminum-It is a metal element used in transportation, construction, electrical, and machinery- Cars use it (the outside), it is used on the top of some buildings.

Bismuth-It is a bright metal-Used often in medicine and cosmetics.

Chromite- An ore of chromium, used in stainless steel.

Hematite- Can be found in refrigerators and hinges (like on doors and mirrors)

Quartz-used in clock radio, watches, and blenders

Silver- used in telephones and computers.

Gold- used in plating of mirrors and clocks.

Brass- used in musical instruments and the base of lamps.

Cinnabar- is in anything that has a thermometer in it like a fridge or a stove

Sphalerite- Used to make dyes. In chairs and towels

Feldspar- A mineral used in porcelain. In bathtubs and toilets

Bauxite- used in golf clubs. "ore of aluminum"