Monitors 'n' Touch Screens

The two screen-y ones.

Basic knowledge about Monitors...

Monitors are the screens/display on our computers, where we view all the functions are computers give us. Monitors are the most used output device of a computers, are made up of pixels usually called LCDs or CRTs. The term 'resolution' is used to measure the amount of pixels on a screen. The higher the resolution the better. The monitor is an essential part of a computer, making it crucial to a PC system.
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Touch Screen Time!

Touch screens today are a very basic part that functions in mobile phones, computers, tablets and many other computer systemic devices. The first idea of he touch screen was developed in 1969. The pressure element is vital to the touch screen, and the design may not work without it. The flex of the screen can connect an electric circuit that reacts to where you press, which reacts depending on what you pressed. Pressure like this can also be found in keyboards.
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