By: Abby H.

From Then To Now...

Pixar, we all know what they do now, but where did Pixar begin? Ed Catmull had made large developments in computer animation at the New York Institute of Technology. In 1979 George Lucas, (creator of Star Wars), called Mr. Catmull because he wanted to use the technology to make the effects in his new movie The Emperor Strikes Back even better. Mr. Catmull jumped on this once in a life time opportunity. To prove that he and his team could help Mr. Lucas Ed Catmull created a mini film and showed George. George saw the technology as valuable and tried to sell it for $15 million. Steve Jobs was interested in the workers and the technology but NOT for 15 million dollars. However, in 1985 Mr. Jobs found out that the price was now negotiable and bought Pixar for only $5 million. And that is how Pixar got it's start!

Jobs On The Job.

Jobs rescued Pixar and gave them the supplies to be successful. He gave them hope when they had none. George Lucas wasn't interested in the talented people or what they could do. His only concern was how much money he could make off of Pixar. Steve Jobs came in and gave Pixar a chance to prove to the people that doubted them that they can do amazing things. Mr. Jobs was rewarded with many victories. He has even won awards for his fantastic work. In 1985 Jobs was let go from Apple were he had worked for a number of years. Due to his success in Pixar he was welcomed back to Apple in 1996. Sadly on October 5th, 2011 Steve Jobs died after a long struggle against cancer.
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Number 1!!!

Pixar was the first animation studio of it's time. Pixar gave people joy because their films are good for all ages they bring people together. Pixar is also unique because unlike most animation studios Pixar doesn't use too many famous actors or actresses to speak for their characters. Pixar uses this strategy because they don't want people on focus on the actors they want people to enjoy the movie. Pixar is also more original because they don't have any musical numbers and Pixar uses more un-explored topics than most other animation studios. For example Up, and WALL-E. Pixar sets the bar higher for other studios. For insistence if it weren't for Pixar we wouldn't have Shrek. Additionally before Pixar no animated film had ever been nominated for an Oscar. Thanks to Pixar 8 have; 7 Pixar movies and 1 for Shrek. People look up to Pixar's success, Pixar is everybody's favorite thing!!!

Different But Does It Really Matter?

Many people think of Pixar and Disney as one big company, the thing is their not. Pixar was working with Disney for a while, then Michael Eisner the CEO of the Disney company, said some pretty negative things about Apple, (Which is were Steve Jobs had worked), right to Mr. Jobs. Steve Jobs backed out of the deal with Disney. Pixar didn't fly solo for long, by the end of 2004 Mr. Eisner declared he would retire in 2005 in hopes his successor, Bob Igor, could patch up things with Pixar. Later in 2005 the opening of the Hong-Kong Disney Land there was a parade with all of Pixar's character's. Mr. Igor realized Pixar was doing an even better job then Disney was. So he told Disney they should buy Pixar. Pixar and Disney are now together and making fun films for everyone to see!!!
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A Success In My Book.

Pixar was the first animation studio of it's time. As a result they didn't get a lot for their excellent work. There first mini film to get positive feed-back from the public was the one and only Luxo Jr. Luxo Jr. is about to lamps and parent and a child playing catch with a ball. After the film ended a mother came up to Mr. Jobs and asked him, "Was the big lamp the mother or the father?" Mr. Jobs was thrilled! The animations had shone emotion so well people noticed. Then later on when Pixar continued with their financial struggles, Toy Story, in it's first 12 days in the theater, earned 64.7 million dollar!!! Toy Story was the turning point for Pixar, but more victories were close behind.
PIXAR - Luxo Jr. (1986)

Talk About Wow!!!

Toy Story 3 is a record breaker. Toy Story 3 made even more money then both Toy Story 1 & Toy Story 2. Toy Story 3 was even more popular then the first two as well. Toy Story 3 was even nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award. Toy Story 3 was nominated for 5 Oscars and grossed over $1 million world wide. Toy Story 3 became the highest grossed film in 2010. Since Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 are so successful Pixar has decided to make a forth Toy Story that is coming out June 16th, 2017. A reporter said, "Toy Story 1, 2, and 3 do what many trilogies are unable to achieve. The movies go more in depth while still successfully telling a great story!"
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Fun Facts!

  • Pixar employees surrounded themselves with inspiration, whether toys from their childhood or imaginary creatures
  • Toy Story 3 came out June 18th, 2010
  • The first Pixar animation film to receive bad reviews was Cars. One reporter said, "Pixar has finally rolled out a clunker."
  • Pixar is named after the original computer program Pixer, the crew liked an "a" where the "e" was so they changed the name to Pixar
  • Steve Jobs hardworking employees mentioned him in the closing credits of Brave, (released June 22nd, 2012), after his death earlier that year
  • Many people think of Disney and Pixar as one big company, the fact is they aren't
  • In Toy Story 3 Woody and Buzz were voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allan
Toy Story 3: Trailer

Past, Present, and Future!


#TitleRelease dateDirector(s)Writer(s)Producer(s)Composer(s)

1 Toy StoryNovember 22, 1995John LasseterOriginal Story: John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Andrew Stanton and Joe Ranft
Screenplay: Joss Whedon, Andrew Stanton, Joel Cohen and Alec SokolowRalph Guggenheim and Bonnie ArnoldRandy Newman

2 A Bug's LifeNovember 25, 1998John Lasseter
Co-Director: Andrew StantonOriginal Story: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Joe Ranft
Screenplay: Andrew Stanton, Donald McEnery and Bob ShawDarla K. Anderson and Kevin Reher

3 Toy Story 2November 24, 1999John Lasseter
Co-Directors: Lee Unkrich and Ash BrannonOriginal Story: John Lasseter, Pete Docter, Ash Brannon and Andrew Stanton
Screenplay: Andrew Stanton, Rita Hsiao, Doug Chamberlin and Chris WebbHelene Plotkin and Karen Robert Jackson

4 Monsters, Inc.November 2, 2001Pete Docter
Co-Directors: Lee Unkrich and David SilvermanOriginal Story: Pete Docter, Jill Culton, Jeff Pidgeon and Ralph Eggleston
Screenplay: Andrew Stanton and Dan GersonDarla K. Anderson

5 Finding NemoMay 30, 2003Andrew Stanton
Co-Director: Lee UnkrichOriginal Story: Andrew Stanton
Screenplay: Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson and David ReynoldsGraham WaltersThomas Newman

6 IncrediblesNovember 5, 2004Brad BirdJohn WalkerMichael Giacchino

7 CarsJune 9, 2006John Lasseter
Co-Director: Joe RanftOriginal Story: John Lasseter, Joe Ranft and Jorgen Klubien
Screenplay: Dan Fogelman, John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, Kiel Murray, Phil Lorin and Jorgen KlubienDarla K. AndersonRandy Newman

8 RatatouilleJune 29, 2007Brad Bird
Co-Director: Jan PinkavaScreenplay: Brad Bird
Original Story: Jan Pinkava, Jim Capobianco and Brad BirdBrad LewisMichael Giacchino

9 WALL-EJune 27, 2008Andrew StantonOriginal Story: Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter
Screenplay: Andrew Stanton and Jim ReardonJim MorrisThomas Newman

10 UpMay 29, 2009Pete Docter
Co-Director: Bob PetersonStory: Pete Docter, Bob Peterson and Tom McCarthy
Screenplay: Bob Peterson and Pete DocterJonas RiveraMichael Giacchino

11 Toy Story 3June 18, 2010Lee UnkrichStory: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich
Screenplay: Michael ArndtDarla K. AndersonRandy Newman

12 Cars 2June 24, 2011John Lasseter
Co-Director: Brad LewisOriginal Story: John Lasseter, Brad Lewis and Dan Fogelman
Screenplay: Ben QueenDenise ReamMichael Giacchino

13 BraveJune 22, 2012Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman
Co-Director: Steve PurcellStory: Brenda Chapman
Screenplay: Mark Andrews, Steve Purcell, Brenda Chapman and Irene MecchiKatherine SarafianPatrick Doyle

14 Monsters UniversityJune 21, 2013Dan ScanlonStory and Screenplay: Dan Gerson, Robert L. Baird and Dan ScanlonKori RaeRandy Newman

In production[edit]

Release dateDirector(s)Writer(s)Producer(s)Composer(s)

15 Inside Out[1]June 19, 2015Pete Docter
Co-Director: Ronnie del CarmenOriginal Story: Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen
Screenplay: Pete Docter, Meg LeFauve and Josh CooleyJonas RiveraMichael Giacchino

16 The Good Dinosaur[2][3][4]November 25, 2015[5]Peter SohnOriginal Story: Enrico Casarosa and Bob Peterson
Screenplay: TBADenise ReamMychael Danna[6]

17 Finding Dory[7]June 17, 2016[5]Andrew Stanton[7]
Co-Director: Angus MacLane[8][9]Story: Victoria Strouse[7] and Andrew Stanton
Screenplay: Andrew StantonLindsey Collins[7]Thomas Newman

18 Toy Story 4[10]June 16, 2017John Lasseter
Co-Director: Josh Cooley[11]Original Story: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Lee Unkrich
Screenplay: Rashida Jones and Will McCormackGalyn SusmanTBA

19 Untitled Pixar film[12]November 22, 2017TBAStory: TBA
Screenplay: TBATBATBA

20 Untitled Pixar film[12]June 15, 2018TBAStory: TBA
Screenplay: TBATBATBA

?? Untitled Pixar film about Día de los Muertos[2][13]TBALee UnkrichStory: TBA
Screenplay: TBADarla K. AndersonTBA

?? The Incredibles 2[14][15][16]TBABrad BirdTBATBA

?? Cars 3[14][17]TBATBAStory: TBA
Screenplay: TBATBATBA

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