University of Texas at Arlington

by:treshion johnson

q and a center with ms.lyn

1)What did you focus on in school and why?

I focused on my studies because i knew that was the smart decision because i wanted to graduate.

2)What was your gpa?

It was a 3.6 or higher.

3) Are there clubs, activities, or housing that were fun to you?

Yes there was a lot but my favorite was movin mav.

4) do u rate the experience?

I feel as if the experience was great I learned a lot and was in great community.

5) did you stay on campus and if you did, did you like it?

I did not stay on campus


180 degree programs

Wheel chair basketball team

Male sports

Female sports

Movin mavs is a walothon

One of the most diverse collages

81 Bachelor’s were given in 2014
71 Master’s were given in 2014
30 Doctoral were given in 2014
1 Professional were given in 2014