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Lincoln/ Madison Feeder

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Week of January 4, 2016

Our Vision

The Lincoln/Madison Feeder Pattern prepares scholars to lead, think, communicate and compete as responsible citizens who are college and career bound.

It is my hope and prayer that each of you had a restful Christmas break. As we enter 2016, we must hit the ground running as we focus on our goals. By now, each of you have received my preliminary analysis of our feeder ACP data. We saw strengths and weaknesses, but overall, there is a lot of work yet to be done for our students. We will continue to work on student achievement, the quality of instruction and climate and culture with an intensified look at data on an ongoing basis. A data-driven instructional calendar will be sent out soon which will guide our work. We will also facilitate opportunities to leverage the strength of those teachers who are seeing success with our students as we plan and discuss teaching strategies. We will also continue to focus on literacy with a focus on critical thinking.

Together, we can positively impact our students, schools and communities. I believe that we have everything that we need to do just that. I believe that each of our schools will meet standard with an increase in distinctions. I urge you to believe with me.

Literacy PD Abounds

The two 3-5 literacy cadre teachers and IC will attend training on January 4, 2016 from 2:00-5:00 at Nolan Estes.

Also, Dunbar will host the feederwide literacy training on January 5, 2015 presented by Lead4Ward. The title of the session is "Figuring Out Figure 19," and it is my belief that if we can support our students in mastering this concept, we will strengthen their reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Data, PD and the PLCs

Please take time now to update your PLC cycles to include the 3 week mini-markers that will start during the 4th six weeks. (Hopefully you have taken a look at the 4th six weeks assessments that have already been uploaded to curriculum central and started the conversations with your teachers regarding the curriculum calendars.) Please upload your revised PLC cycles onto our Lincoln/Madison collaborative google site by January 5, 2016. Also, if you have not already done so, your PD agenda for this week should also be uploaded. Remember to allow time to view the Open Carry Video with your staff on Monday or Tuesday. We will be out and about observing PD on Monday, so best wishes to you for a great day of PD with your teams.

MLK Gardere Oratory Competition

Two students from our feeder will compete as one of eight finalist in the 24th Annual Gardere Oratory Competition. Lyric Turner (Charles Rice) and Mariah Hickman (Dunbar) will advance to the final stage on January 15 at the Majestic Theater. Read more at the link below. Best wishes to these very talented students. We know they will represent their families, schools and our feeder well!

Tara Broadus- Dallas ISD Elementary Teacher of the Year!

Please take a minute to view the video spotlight for our very own Tara Broadus, Dallas ISD's 2015 Elementary Teacher of the Year! She is a proud teacher at Joseph J. Rhoads as well as a proud Lincoln High School graduate. Mrs. Broadus reminds us to give our best each and every day to the students in the Lincoln/Madison Feeder because they are our future teachers, lawyers, doctors and leaders! Watch her video at the link below:

Charles Rice- DISD's Best Neighborhood School

In a December 16 article found in the Dallas Observer, Charles Rice was acknowledged as the best neighborhood school is Dallas ISD with the highest SEI scores from 2013-2015. The article appropriately calls Rice a "local gem;" a school that " takes the students in their attendance zone and provides them with a good education." That is what we are called to do as leaders; ensure that our students are receiving a good education in every classroom, everyday. We are very proud of the extremely hard work and commitment of Alpher Garrett-Jones. She is often quiet and somewhat unassuming, but she is an excellent leader- worthy of honor. Well done!

Read the story below:

Leadership Focus and Updates

Please make sure that you work with your leadership team to design an action plan in response to your ACP data. With 58 days until the first round of STAAR, please backwards plan and ensure that students are grouped for targeted instruction and that data is being reviewed daily.


- The bi-monthly I2020 update is due on January 15 and once per six weeks thereafter on your gooole link. Please make sure that your quantitative data includes student achievement data such as ISIP, Common assessments, Achieve 3000(baseline), Reasoning Mind, SRI (high schools), DOL etc. You could also include attendance, truancy, discipline, spot data and survey feedback.

-Review the 4th 6 weeks common assessments this week during PLCs

-Principals should provide written feedback to teachers within 48 hours of the spot observation.

-Please note that non-renewals will be somewhat earlier this year due to the Board calendar. If you have teachers who are struggling, ensure that you are making every effort to support their progress.

--Signs will be delivered to each school regarding the concealed and open carry hand gun law that was recently passed. More information to come.

Board of Education Recognition Month

A special "thank you" goes out to Trustee Nutall and Trustee Solis for their unwavering support of our schools and communities. You are appreciated!

On the Horizon

January- Board of Education Recognition

Jan. 4- Staff Development or Teacher work day

Jan. 4- 3-5 Literacy Cadre 2:00-5:00 at Nolan Estes

Jan. 5- Figuring out Figure 19 @ Dunbar 8:30-3:30-literacy teachers

Jan. 5- Upload revised PLC cycles on google

Jan. 5.- Carnegie Math 5th grade (Rm.810) and Algebra 1 308) (Rm. 8:30-11:30 or 1:00-4:00 @ Buckner

Jan. 5- Customer Service training for office managers

Jan. 6- Feb. 1- Campus based Written compositions

Jan. 6- Jan. 25- SRI testing (high schools)

Jan. 6- Jan. 27- ISIP MOY testing

Jan. 8- Summer School phone conference 9:00-9:30

Jan. 9- ACE Carnegie Math (5th grade) 8:00-12:00 at Haskell (identified 6 participants)

Jan. 11-AP Focus Group 4-6 p.m. @ Haskell

Jan. 11-Parent Conferences High Schools

Jan. 12- Districtwide Spelling Bee

Jan. 12- TEI Expert Session @ Madison 4:45-5:15

Jan. 14- Parent Conferences Elementary Schools

Jan. 15- MLK Oratory Competition

Jan. 18- MLK Holiday

Jan. 19- Destination Access Feeder Meeting @ Lincoln 2:00-3:00

Jan. 20- Principal's Meeting 1:00-5:00

Jan. 21- K-2 Literacy Cadre @ Rhoads 3:45-5:15

Jan. 23- STAAR Academies (Region 10) 9:00-12:00 English 1&2/Reading, Writing & Math elementary

Jan. 28- Feeder Principal's Meeting @ Roberts 11:00-2:00

Jan. 30- ACE Carnegie session @ Haskell 8:00-12:00 (identified 6 participants)

Our Feeder Leaders