Got courage?

"Have enough courage to start, and enough heart to finish"

Terry Fox- A Story of Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear, it is making something happen in spite of fear. Terry Fox, diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18, inspired a lot of people to have courage. His condition didn't hinder him from achieving his goals, it just made him try harder. He began the run across Canada- the Marathon of Hope. His aim is to raise money for cancer research, to help fellow cancer patients. Despite his prosthetic leg, he still continued the marathon with boldness but was stopped after knowing he has lung cancer. In 1981, Canada mourned of his loss. His short life gave hope to many people. He demonstrated courage. Terry Fox defines courage.

Terry Fox - 35 Years of Hope

Terry Fox- 35 Years of Hope

A look back at the life and journey of Terry Fox, a Canadian hero.

#ScarSelfie Campaign for Surgical Research

Declan McEntee demonstrated courage as he started his "Scar Selfie" campaign. Declan's campaign aims to show that he's not alone and hopes to raise money for surgical research in Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. The "Scar Selfie" campaign has taken a lot of courage by Declan to show his scars in public since he, like other boys, is self-conscious of how he looks. The fact that he had numerous operations and procedures over 12 years proved that he's courageous.

Nadine Sison