Nazi Hunters book project

By: Dillon Petersen

Plot summary

plot summary: Adolf Eichmann is one of the most well known nazis. He was the brains behind the whole operation. At the end of World War II he escaped and was not heard from in 16 years, but then a group of intelligent spies found him at a bus stop in Argentina. The group of spies fled him to Israel where there was one of the most notorious trials ever in history.

Major characters

Major characters

Antagonist- Adolf eichmann

Neal bascomb describes eichmann on his role as a nazi and then tells what he has done as a nazi

Protaginist- capture operation agents

Zvi aharoni

Shalom dani

Ravi Eitan

Yakkov gat

Moshe tabor

Avraham shalom

Peter Malkin

Ephriam lliani

The author describes them as very intelligent so they blend in the story.


Conflict (Nazi Hunters)

The main conflict (problem) in this book is that the nazi hunters are trying to find Eichmann an ex nazi official who was a high ranked officer. Then later the nazi hunters find Eichmann at a bus stop and take him to israel to serve him justice. The conflict is a man vs man conflict because it's between two men.

Figurative language

For a moment, everybody was rooted to their seats, unsure whether they had heard the Prime Minister correctly or that what he said was true.

-Imagery (loc 1985)

In the Britannia cockpit, red lights blinked furiously as the plane descended over the Atlantic toward Dakar.-personification (loc 1913)

Major symbols

The swastika is the main nazi symbol that is most seen. To the Jewish people this symbolizes fear and Death.

Hanging noose symbolizes the death of Adolf Eichmann and the revenge of the Jewish people.

Major themes

Theme 1

If you do a bunch of terrible things, it will end up catching to you. You can't just run away from your problems and think you can escape them. Adolf Eichmann killed millions of Jews in the Holocaust, and then ran away trying to avoid his fate. He did escape, but his karma ended up catching up to him. I think that the author believes in karma and that your actions will eventually catch up to you. Whenever Eichmann was hung nobody felt bad for him because he had killed millions of people and deserved to die. The author sends the message that you will get what you deserve in the end.

Theme 2

Whenever the spies plan out the attack to capture Eichmann, they are extremely specific and detailed in their operation. If they made one little mistake, the whole mission could be ruined and they would be exposed. The author is trying to send the message that if you are going to do something, do it right. You need to put maximum effort into everything you do if you want to be successful. If you put in the effort, then you will most likely get what you want. This book taught me not to overlook anything. If you are trying to plan something big, every little step is important. The author believes that being detailed and precise will get the job done.