Freshman Center Free Press

May 6, 2016

Quote of the Week

"Surround yourself with positive influences. When you are surrounded by negative thinkers, images, or materials, it is easy to get bogged down in hopelessness."

Found in the book-

Attitude: The Remarkable Power of Optimism

By - Nido R. Qubein

The Good Stuff!

Feeling Bogged Down, Hopeless, and Negative...


I learned an awesome lesson about re-framing from my 7 year old son, Cru, yesterday. As many of you know, Cru has a life threatening egg allergy and needed to get his blood drawn for some updated allergy tests. Kid has never had a doughnut!! :-( Anyway, he was VERY scared and anxious about this yesterday morning...on the verge of tears. We gave him the "Give me you tough face Cru!" speech (see picture above) and hoped for the best. I have had to physically restrain my daughter, Maddie, almost every time she has faced the needle, so Lauren and I were feeling anxious as well.

As the nurse walked toward him with the needle and vile to collect his blood sample, the look on his face toward from anxious to dread. Then...something changed.

Cru grit his teeth and closed his eyes expecting the worse and after about two seconds, he turned to the nurse, watched the procedure and started asking questions. He was able to re-frame his attitude from one of anxiousness and dread to inquisitive and composed. He thought it was the coolest thing ever to watch his blood go from inside his arm to outside his body to the collection vile. He made the nurse laugh with all of his questions. The sense of relief was felt by all!

Right then and there, it hit me like a ton of bricks! Cru could not control his surroundings, his circumstances or this procedure. He only had control of his attitude. This young kid was able to re-frame his ATTITUDE and turn this negative situation into a very positive one. I cannot be more proud of my son for how he handled this situation, but maybe more important, for teaching his old man a lesson.

A good lesson for all of us during trying and stressful times! FINISH STRONG!!!

(Click on the pictures to zoom in. Video below is an oldie but a goodie. Incredible message!)


Staff Appreciation!!

This has been an awesome week of gratitude and appreciation for the staff at RFC! I hope you were able to feel it. I really cannot thank you enough for all you do on a daily basis. This is not an easy profession to work in. We dedicate 100% of our energy to living and breathing entities. Ones that are growing and maturing right before our eyes. Ones that make poor choices and struggle with classwork, organization, finding balance, family situations and life in general. Ones that will forever be impacted by the relational capacity built with an adult in our building.

We really do work in the greatest profession - teaching kids!

Major KUDOS to all involved in making this a special staff appreciation week!

ACT WorkKeys Results

The ACT WorkKeys results have been delivered, we will be handing them back to students in an "homeroom" type setup at the end of the day this Monday. Homeroom lists and directions will be emailed to staff today. We will post Homeroom lists in the cafeteria today and Monday and announce to students to make sure they know where to go.

Thank you for your help in handing out these student reports!

Student Recognition

Below is a very cool link to the WZZM Meijer Scholar Athlete of the Week - Madison Mayle! Madison also crushed a GRAND SLAM HOME RUN last night in a big game rival Hundsonville!

Congrats to Madison, Marcy and the Mayle family!!

BIT Meetings

Thank you to those staff that attend the BIT meetings! I really enjoy these meetings and appreciate the feedback and input. The whole premise of consistent reflection and collaboration for continuous improvement is refreshing and appreciated.

Major KUDOS to Michael Garbaty for organizing these meetings and to Sherry Williams for recording the discussions!!

Upcoming Dates

May 7 - Prom

May 9 - Board of Education Meeting - 7:30pm @ Central Office

May 12 - Department Head meeting - 2:40pm in Main Office Conference Room

May 13 - Staff Breakfast - Electives

May 13 Halloween (A Haunted Prom)

May 17 - Kent County Health Department Vision Screening

May 17 - Fire Drill - 9:03am

May 20 - Staff Breakfast - English

May 27 - No School

May 30 - No School - Memorial Day

June 3 - Staff Breakfast - Math

June 8 - Full Day - 5th Period Exam

June 9 - Half Day - 1st and 2nd Period Exams - 10:55am dismissal

June 10 - Half Day - 3rd and 4th Period Exams - 10:55am dismissal

June 10th - Staff Gathering - Whitecaps Game

Enjoy the Weekend!!