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Instructional Technology Web Page

Please visit my SHISD Instructional Technology Web Page. You can find general information as well as training on Eduphoria, Google, and Skyward. Just click on the following link to access the site.

Interactive White board

Did you know there is a new Icon strip? Easier to use and understand, more options. If interested, I can get you the on-screen version. Just enter an Eduphoria request and I'll come by your room.
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Need help getting into the POWER ZONE!!


An App for the IPAD that syncs with your computer and becomes a wireless mouse, enabling you to control your computer from anywhere in the room. Also allows you to create lessons to engage students.

There are 5 First Grade teachers and 5 Fourth Grade teachers piloting this if you want some first hand information.

Presentation Pilot Pro

A wireless presenter with laser pointer and full mouse controls so that you can work your computer from any where in the room.

Several teachers on each campus use these or something similar if you would like a reference.