Jefferson County 4-H

July 2020

Fair Highlights!

2020 Jefferson County Fair Dates & Theme!

Finalized fair dates: July 15-19, 2020

Theme: Come See a Good Thing Grow'n

We will be having in-person animal shows and static exhibits at the fair. We are still finalizing details so that we can be in compliance with all the health measures, so look for more information coming the last week of June with detailed exhibitor information!

2020 Jefferson County Fairbook

The 2020 Jefferson County Fairbook is available here

Free printed copies are available at the Extension Office!

4-H Fair Exhibit Cards

The 4-H fair exhibit cards will be ready to be picked up at the Extension Office on Wednesday, July 1st. Come and pick them up so you can attach them to your projects before you bring them to the fair. Cards that are not picked up at the office, will be available at the fairgrounds beginning, Monday, July 13th.

2020 Jefferson County 4-H & FFA Event Schedules

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Jefferson County Fair Health Modifications

The Jefferson County Fair is following all COVID rules of the Nebraska Directed Health Measures under the phase 3 plan.

  1. Indoor Gathering are no greater than 50%, Outdoor Gatherings are no greater than 75%. Events will have limited attendance. First Come, First Served
  2. Maximum of 8 individuals per group. Groups must have 6 feet of separation.
  3. Masks are recommended but not required. Use of Hand Sanitizer is strongly recommended.
  4. If you are sick, please stay home. If you do not want to follow the rules, please stay home.
  5. People with underlying health risk should not attend.
  6. You are attending the Jefferson County Fair at your own risk!
  7. Disinfection Procedure - (e.g. disinfecting high touch surfaces every 4 hours) Bathrooms will be thoroughly disinfected every 4 hours with spray down disinfecting every 2 hours during high usage times. Tables will be disinfected between kids at judging time. Office counter tops will be cleaned after every visitor.

2020 Pick Your Project Available

The Pick Your Project, available at, has been updated for the 2020 program year. Using the searchable, web-based 2020 Pick Your Project, users will be able to search for projects by keywords, curriculum areas, knowledge levels, and geographic levels.

Extension Office is Open

Our office is now open to the public! We still ask you to practice social distancing, by staying behind the counter and mask are encouraged, but not mandatory. If you need help with fair entries or need entry sheets, please stop by.

Upcoming Workshops, Contests & Events

Favorite Foods Contest - Thursday, July 9th @ 1:30 pm

What to bring:

Menu - menu for a full meal. May be any meal of the day, but not just party refreshments or snack. Use proper form for writing menu. Consider variety, color and nutrition when planning menu. Here is a publication about writing the menu.

Food – one food item from the menu. Baked items work best.

Place setting for one person - table cover (placemat or table cloth), tableware, napkin, glassware and dishes

as needed for the meal. You must set your own place setting with no assistance.

Centerpiece - appropriate for the meal planned.

Recipe - must have recipe of the food item brought for the judge to sample


Participants will interview with the judge. The following points will be considered.

  • Knowledge of nutrition – know the food pyramid and what food groups the foods you are serving belong in.
  • Meal preparation – how will you prepare your meal? Which foods do you prepare first, second, etc. It is a good idea to have actually prepared the entire meal before the contest.
  • Menu - suitable for the occasion, pleasing combination of flavors, textures and color
  • Place setting - appropriate for the occasion, table properly set
  • Creativity
  • Quality of food prepared
  • Contestant – neatly groomed, appropriately dressed, speaks up and answers questions

Presentations Contest - Thursday, July 9th @ 1 pm

All presentations by youth 10 years and older should be related to how the 4-H youth is learning about agricultural literacy, career development, citizenship and leadership, healthy living, or science/animal science, through their 4-H experiences or 4-H project.

General Information: Presentations should be related to the member’s 4-H experiences, or 4-H projects. Presentations must include an introduction (the “why” portion of the topic), a body (the “show and tell” portion of the topic), and a conclusion/summary (the “what” portion of the topic). A team presentation, consisting of two individuals, may be given. There is no separate class for team presentations. Live animals of any kind may be used in the presentation. Health papers are required to bring the animal on the grounds. Presenters are responsible for all care and handling of animals. Animals can only remain in the presentation area while the owner is present. For all classes; the age groups, as of January 1 of the current year, are as follows: Junior 8-9, Intermediate 10-11, and Senior 12 and up. Presentations in the Intermediate and Senior age group are eligible for State Fair. One presentation for the senior group will be selected at the county level to compete in the Premier Presenter Contest at the Nebraska State Fair.

112. Illustrated Presentation – An Illustrated Presentation is a live presentation with a formal talk where youth will use visual aids (such as props, posters, computer-based visuals, handouts, video, etc.) to show and tell others how to do something. Time limit is 6-8 minutes for individual, or 8-10 minutes per team.

114. Teaching Presentation – A Teaching Presentation is a live, interactive, trade show style presentation where youth will continuously engage a constantly-changing/moving audience for 30 minutes by showing and telling them how to do something while answering questions.

115. 4-H FilmFest (Digital Video) – Digital videos are films that display the recording, reproducing, and broadcasting of moving visual images. During 4-H FilmFest, youth will provide a 1-minute oral introduction (name, background/goal of presentation, intended audience, where presentation could be shared, etc.) followed by the showing of their Digital Video. The following Digital Videos may be entered in 4-H FilmFest:

  • Video Public Service Announcement: A short video that communicates an educational message focused on a cause, activity, or event (Length: 60 seconds)
  • Narrative: A video that tells a fact or fiction story (Length: 3-5 minutes)
  • Documentary: A video that presents factual information about a person, event or process (Length: 3-5 minutes)
  • Animation: A video created by techniques that simulate movement from individual images (Length: 3-5 minutes)

4-H Achievement Program 2020

The 4-H Achievement Program will be held on Monday, July 13th, 2020 during the Public Fashion Show & Talent Showcase. If you applied for a project award or Diamond Clover Award, please plan on attending to receive your awards. Contact the office with any questions!

Project and Resource Videos

Check out our extension webpage for our Youtube videos we created for you! There you will find videos on how to fill out fair forms and get ideas on simple 4-H projects you can complete at home. Take advantage of these resources and see how you can still be involved in 4-H!
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We're offering a variety of fun, hands-on learning opportunities that youth can participate in from home. Choose from a variety of exciting, live, online programs. Meet and interact with other youth who have similar interests, and learn from Nebraska 4-H Camp professionals, University of Nebraska–Lincoln faculty, and industry professionals. Click here to see the schedule and available camps.
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We're kicking off our summer virtual series with a new Boredom Buster Challenge! Join us on Monday's at 2:00 PM CT to get a head start on your 4-H projects. Each week, we'll work on a new project that could be a potential fair exhibit. Click here to register!
Gather the whole family together for Nebraska 4-H's Family Fun Night! We'll guide you through an activity that's perfect for youth and adults of all ages. Family Fun Night will be hosted on Tuesday's at 7:00 PM CT. On Tuesday, June 16th, Darci Pesek will be the presenter talking about meat science and different cooking methods. Click here to register!
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Living Room Learning offers hands-on virtually guided activities for youth. Each session focuses on a new activity that can be done with materials found at home. Session are hosted on Thursday's at 10:30 AM CT. Click here to register!

CWF Meeting Information

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for the Kick-off meeting to our 2021 Citizenship Washington Focus Trip. If you were unable to attend, you can watch the Zoom recording, or view the slides.

As outlined during the meeting, we are implementing a “payment plan”. This is a suggested amount to have in your account in the upcoming months. The first date for the payment plan is June 30, we suggest an amount of $300 in your CWF account with the Extension Office. The next date, and perhaps the most important for us in the office, is September 30 – we suggest an amount of $1300 in your account by this date. This date is important because it is the last date for you to commit to the CWF trip.

If you are an adult that is interested in attending and sponsoring the CWF Trip in 2021, please fill out the Sponsorship Application. The application will close on August 1, and we will announce adult sponsors on September 30, 2020. The cost for adult sponsors is 75% of the cost for youth. Based upon the $3300 estimated youth cost, we estimate the adult cost being approximately $2500. Adult sponsors are required to enroll as a volunteer on 4HOnline, pass all required screenings, and complete a virtual training.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the new changes to the CWF trip program requirements, the payment plan, or fundraising opportunities. As always, we are open to suggestions, especially regarding fundraising!

Animal Information

State Fair Livestock DNA & Online Nominations Due July 1st!!!

Don't forget State Fair livestock DNA and online nominations are due on July 1st! All online livestock nominations are due by the July 1, 11:59 PM CST deadline on Show Stock Manager You will also need to turn your DNA envelope(s) in to your County Extension Office or FFA Advisor by July 1.

Dog & Cat Vaccination Certifications Due July 10th!

All dogs and cats need to turn in vaccination certification to be eligible to show at the fair. These forms can be found at:

All forms need to be turned in by July 10th.

State Horse Show Information

The 2020 Fonner State Park Horse show will be VIRTUAL this year. Here is the link to find out about what specifications and guidelines will need to be followed to enter!

Horse Advancement Level Testing

Call the office for more information, but level testing is available online this year! Information and study materials are found in the Horse Project Member Manual and Advancement Level Manual at the Extension Office. We also have the Nebraska 4-H Horse Show & Judging Guide available.


Online Livestock Judging Video Series

This new video series will provide students the chance to evaluate the class, listen to a critique of the class, and hopefully gain some knowledge regarding terminology for their reasons moving forward.

Each week we will add 1 to 3 classes to the series that way students will enjoy plenty of content. Youth can access these videos at or Once you get to the website, simply scroll down and you should see the link for the online video series which is located on YouTube.

For more information, or contact Blaine French, Livestock Judging Coach, at 402-472-8834 or

4-H Cat Club

A message for all cat interested youth:

Do you like cats? What about learning how to care for or show them? Maybe you have heard about the 4-H Cat Club in the past and wanted to join, but couldn't make the monthly meetings.

Do we have good news for you, or what? We are pleased to introduce this year's self-paced Cat Club! No more being bummed that you missed the hour long meeting every second Thursday. You will now have access to monthly lessons and activities that you can complete on your own time. The first lesson can be found here on September 5th:

If you are interested, please stay tuned and register today!

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Special Opportunties

Superintendent Needed!!!

We are looking an for individual that can help at the county fair in 4-H/ FFA Ag Engineering department. If you would be willing to assist, we would greatly appreciate your help! Please contact the Extension office 402-729-3487 or a fairboard member for further deals.

NEW 4-H Photography Showcase!

The 4-H Photography Showcase offers a project exhibition opportunity beyond traditional print media. It is intended to help youth develop professional and technical skills as photographers while fostering creativity and encouraging self-expression. Through this opportunity, youth are encouraged to practice and apply skills learned in their photography projects throughout the year.

How Does It Work?

Each month, a new photo will be selected from the online submissions. Selections will be made based on creativity, timeliness, technical execution, originality, and appropriateness. The selected photo will be showcased across the Nebraska 4-H social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Youth photographers will be credited wherever and whenever their photo is shared or published.

This opportunity is open to all enrolled 4-H members. Photo recommendations, file specifications, rules, and guidelines for participation are available online at

Workshop Ideas

We are looking for ideas for workshops in and 2020. We would like to hear ideas of what you would be willing to attend. We would also like to hear from you regarding what times would work best for most people, after school, 1⁄2 days when school is out, etc. Please contact the Extension Office 402-729-3487 and let us know what YOU are interested in.


Just as a reminder, check out our Facebook page! The page name is "Jefferson County Extension & 4-H Youth Development". Along with our newsletter, we will be using this page to update our members about upcoming events, activities, and deadlines. We also hope to use this page to provide information about community outreach opportunities, scholarships, and research that is important to our followers. The staff will do our best to keep this updated and inform you all of what is going on at the office, Jefferson County, and in Nebraska.

Calendar of Events


1 - State Fair Livestock DNA & Nominations Due

3 - Extension Office Closed, 4th of July Holiday

13-19 - Jefferson County Fair, Fairgrounds


28 - 30 - Nebraska State Fair, 4-H Events & Livestock Show


4 - 6 - Nebraska State Fair, FFA Events & Livestock Show


1 - Achievement Award Applications Due

1 - Diamond Clover Applications Due

1 - 4-H Senior Scholarship Applications Due

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