Mission Circle News

Volume I, Issue 1 -- August, 2013

Visiting Our Sister Parish, Our Lady of the Rosary, in Sabanagrande

Five members of St. Peter took 1000 pounds of supplies to Honduras this summer. We will share our stories and pictures at Masses on August 17 & 18. We will have a large selection of items for sale after these Masses. Please support the Women's Project and all our work with our sister parish when you buy choice coffee or hot sauce, jewelry, or other authentic crafts. Many of the craft items were made the women we have sponsored with micro loans in the Women's Project.

The Women's Project Is an Overwhelming Success!! But We Aren't Finished Yet

Two years ago we embarked on a venture, a leap of faith, to try to raise money to fund a micro loan program for 500 women in our sister parish so they could start businesses to support themselves and their children. With your contributions, your support of our fundraisers, and with grants, we were able to begin the project with 238 women last December. We added another 6 in February and 20 more this summer.

Of the first 244 women, after six months, 100 percent paid their interest each month, 100 percent met their savings goal of at least 10 percent, and 100 percent repaid the loan. Two women withdrew because of the rigor of the program, but they were immediately replaced by women who had qualified for the program and were waiting for an opportunity. The women will repeat the cycle for five years, receiving the loan, paying interest, saving ten percent, and repaying the loan every six months at which time they will have saved enough to be financially independent.

We met with two of the groups of women this summer, the newest just getting started in La Venta and the largest and most successful in Opimuco, just 2 or the 72 villages that are part of our sister parish. We asked if the program had made a difference in their lives in this limited time. The response was a resounding YES. Some had been homeless and now have a home. Others are now able to send their children to school.

What did these women who have been selected to receive micro loans ask us? They asked us to continue to sponsor more women. The need is tremendous, but the determination of these women to succeed is inspirational. For $300 we can add one more woman to the program and get her started on the path to a better life for herself and her children. Consider sponsoring a woman or donating what you can so we can meet that goal of 500 women. Write a check to St. Peter and label the memo Women's Project. Put it in the collection or drop it by the church office. If you wish to honor a loved one with your sponsorship, include a note and we will send you a card which you can deliver.

The Mission Circle of St. Peter Catholic Church, DeLand, Florida

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