Fall 2020 Housing Information - update 8

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

19 Days...

19 days to our 1st Check In day, but who is counting! We are getting ready to welcome you back campus for Fall 2020! This summer has been challenging on so many levels and whether you are brand new to WSU and campus this fall, or a continuing student who has successfully navigated move-in multiple years now, this fall we’re all adjusting to a “new normal.” We are working to make your life on campus as rewarding and inspiring as ever, and putting in place new safety precautions to support the community’s well-being.

As the fall semester approaches, we have already welcomed over 460 resident students to move in their belongings in a safe and socially distant manner. If you haven't already signed up we have space next week so log in to your MyHousing portal and choose a Move In Day and time.

Please note on check-in days, Monday, August 31 and Tuesday, September 1, no off campus guests (family or friends) will be permitted inside the residence halls. It will be our expectation that the resident is dropped off with a minimal amount of belongings and proceed through testing and then the Check In process.

Before Arriving On Campus

A critical factor in the decision to return to campus is that each of us must do our part every day to protect our own health and the health of others––and that work, that commitment, must begin before you arrive on campus.

  • Sign your COVID Residence Hall Release and Acknowledgement form in your MyHousing portal prior to August 31.
  • Review every aspect of our Safe Return website, keep checking back as it will be continuously updated—and read emails from WSU offices, as we will continue to push notifications between now and the start of the semester.
  • Follow directions from WSU regarding testing — and be prepared to be tested once you arrive on campus. A time-sensitive task to note: required medical forms (from our 1st year students) must be submitted by August 31, or you will not be allowed to Check In to the Residence Halls.
  • Watch for our Symptom Tracker App that will be sent out in late August. All members of the community who come to campus at any point will be required to conduct a daily self-assessment using a symptom tracker app before coming to campus.
  • Get familiar with our Social Responsibility Guidelines and be prepared to attest to and abide by it once you arrive to campus.
  • Be extra vigilant in the two weeks before you come back to WSU to reduce the chance that you have the virus and could spread it on campus.
  • Educate yourself on how to prevent getting sick and ways to help reduce the chances of transmitting the virus.

Updated 8/12/20

What to Expect - Shallow Nasal Swab Instructions

We will be testing all residential students on a weekly basis, through the Broad Institute. This COVID-19 test is based on viral RNA retrieved by a self-administered swab of the nasal cavity. See http://www.broadinstitute.org/.

Testing is a mandatory requirement, on a weekly basis and will begin on Check In Day, August 31st or September 1st, when the resident arrives on campus.

Testing will be conducted in a 3 minute window from check in to completion. Results will be available within 24 hours and will be sent directly to students, as well as Student Health Services.

Co-Verified App

A free app for Google Play and iPhone that integrates with the Broad Institute's testing platform, and allows users to monitor symptoms, receive test results, and get clearance for classes and activities. See https://www.coverified.us/. You will get an email from Worcester State with the WSU download information, once its ready.

Updated 8/12/20

Your GO Bag

In these uncertain times, the possibility exists that you may test positive for COVID and have to leave your room or apartment to move to a quarantine or isolation space. We would suggest that you consider bringing a pre-packed bag with items you may need should this happen. It will be a lot easier to grab a bag than trying to figure out what you may need for two weeks.

Suggested Items:

Bedding (sheets, pillow, blanket)


Extra cell phone charger
List of important peoples’ phone numbers and a list of any allergies
2 or more complete changes of comfy clothes; sweats, PJ pants, t-shirts

Fuzzy socks

Extra Blanket

Cough Drops
Tylenol (fever reducer)
Vicks VapORub

Mucinex DM or Robitussin Cough and Chest Congestion
Body Lotion
Feminine Hygiene

Hair Brush/Hair Ties
Prescription Meds


Gatorade or Pedialyte
A Few Masks

Some sort of distraction (coloring book/crayons/deck of cards)

Updated 8/12/20

Fall Resident Student Parking

All fall 2020 Resident Student Parking will be on campus. There will be two types of parking permits issues - Resident Garage (RG) and Resident Campus (RC).

To park in a designated space for residents, you must first apply for a decal.

Resident Parking Permit Application

You will be notified if you have been approved for a fall 2020 parking decal in mid-August. You will be notified through an email sent to your worcester.edu email account.

Updated 8/12/20

Need Your OneCard?

FIRST YEAR RESIDENTS ONLY - You will need an official Worcester State University ID card, known as the OneCard to access a range of services and benefits across campus. To get your first OneCard, follow the steps below to submit your photo at least 10 business days before you move in. We’ll have your new OneCard ready when you move in.

Photo Requirements

We'll need a recent color photo with a plain, neutral background (white, off-white, cream, beige, light gray).

  • Face and hair should be clearly visible, with your face centered and facing forward. No hats, face coverings or masks please.

  • Wear prescription glasses if you normally do so, but do not wear sunglasses. Your eyes should be clearly visible.

  • A natural smile or neutral facial expression is best.

  • Use proper lighting.

  • Crop the photo from just above your head to your collarbone.

  • Save the photo in .jpg format.

How to Submit a Photo

  • Open the email you received requesting you to upload your Photo. Follow the instructions

  • Upload your Photo, upload your State picture ID, and sign the Terms and Conditions.

  • email the Terms and conditions back to: www.OneCard@worcester.edu.

  • The OneCard office will email you with approval or next steps if your photo cannot be used.

Once your photo is submitted and approved, you cannot submit another photo. If you would like a new or different photo on your OneCard please visit the OneCard office, 486 Chandler St. in the Administration Building to have a new photo taken and pay the $25.00 replacement fee. Deposit the $25.00 into your Common Fund before going to the OneCard office.

Card Pick Up

Your OneCard will be available for pick up at the Residence Life office located in Sheehan Hall. Please remember to bring valid government issued identification. Acceptable forms of identification include: Driver’s License or Non-driver ID Card issued by DMV, U.S. Green Card, Passport book or card, U.S. Military ID Card.

If you are having issues uploading your photo, please contact the OneCard office at: OneCard@worcester.edu or call 508-929-8888.

Planning to live Off-Campus?

If you are a current resident student and are no longer interested in living on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year, please go to worcester.edu/myhousing, look under APPLICATIONS and complete the fall 2020 Status Change Form. Please choose buy-out as the reason.

We would like for you to consider all factors and make the best decision for you and your family under these challenging circumstances.

If you have any questions please email reslife@worcester.edu.


We will not be inviting early arrivals to the halls this year. Check In for Dowden and Sheehan Hall will be Monday, August 31st and for Chandler Village and Wasylean Hall, on Tuesday, September 1st. More information will be forthcoming regarding assigned arrival times for these check in days.


Dowden & Sheehan Hall Check In

Monday, Aug. 31st, 8am

486 Chandler Street

Worcester, MA

Details and Information to Follow

Chandler Village & Wasylean Hall Check In

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 8am

486 Chandler Street

Worcester, MA

First Day of Classes

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 8am

486 Chandler Street

Worcester, MA