Alexander Graham Bell

Inventor of the telephone

Inventor Biography

My name is Alexander Graham Bell. I was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Both my mother and my wife are deaf so I enjoy working with deaf people. I went to college at the University of London. Many years later I established a school for deaf people in Boston. I was granted my first official patent for the telephone in March 1876. I invented other things including the photophone and telectroscope. I think I am a great inventor of the industrial revolution because my invention, the telephone, greatly improved communication.

Invention Description

My invention is the telephone. It is used for long distance communication. This new invention allows for faster communication over any distance. I think that everyone will benefit from this invention.

Invention Sales Information

Company Name: American Telephone and Telegraph Company

Company Slogan: One policy, one system, universal service

Location: Denver, Colorado

Product Cost: around $20.00

Product Availability: New York, Chicago, San Fransisco

Customer Testimonials

"This is a wonderful product." Thomas A. Watson

"This product is way beyond its time" Alfred Galpin

Research Record

"Inventor of the telephone"

John Steele Gordon "Alexander Graham Bell" 1991